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Are you a #TeaMaker or a #TeaTaker?*

I drink tea, a fair amount, but when Tetley asked me if I was a #TeaMaker or a #TeaTaker I couldn’t decide!

If I’m at home then I’m always the #TeaMaker as my parents very rarely drink tea, they’re posh coffee fans!


At the chaps we take turns, it’s whoever fancied the tea in the first place!


And at work, when we have our tea breaks, it’s a total mixture! Sometimes I offer and make the round, or sometimes one of the team offer and I become a #TeaTaker!


Although since Tetley sent me a nice range of tea bags I’ve been the #TeaMaker making sure the team take some time out of their day to appreciate a good cuppa!

Are you a #TeaMaker or a #TeaTaker?


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  1. Kel says:

    Not many people in my office can make a proper decent cup of tea sadly, so it’s left to me! 🙂

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