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How Clean is your Home?

When it comes to cleaning I’m actually useless, living at home has taken its toll on me with that! My mum is the most tidy person I have ever met and sadly I don’t take after her, I don’t mean I’m messy by any means but my cleanliness standards are nowhere near as high as hers! When my parents disappear for a holiday I know I’ve got to keep the house in tip top condition otherwise I’ll have an angry Mumma Bear to deal with!

This is where Bark come in handy, they’ve created a downloadable cleaning checklist that I’ve become quite addicted to! They are split up over twelve pages according to what room you’re cleaning. I personally am quite the fan of the kitchen section as I’m a rather messy chef! I’ve heard that the messiest people are the most creative so I like to use that excuse! As this is the ultimate cleaning checklist a lot of these won’t by needed for a quick clean up after a long weekend house sitting but the list will suit every requirement.

The checklist is also divided into light, medium or heavy cleaning which is great for the likes of myself that partake in very little heavy cleaning, I leave that to Mumma as she’s the queen of clean! But whilst you’re cleaning have you ever thought about what’s in your cleaning products?

I’ve decided that this list does need to be taken round to my other halves flat as I’m sure we miss a lot of the simple things when having a clear up! I wonder how many times he’s cleaned the PlayStation controllers or cleaned the fridge out… None whilst I’ve been with him that’s for sure!!

So if you’re looking for the best way to clean then I highly recommend the list from Bark!

How clean do you keep your home?!


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  1. Bei says:

    I’m loving the sound of the Bark list, will defo come in handy for the hubby, alto I think he just needs a new brain. Lol
    Great post! Thanks for sharing.x

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