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Turning 26!

Today I turn 26… it’s now the slippery slope toward becoming an adult at 30!

I thought I’d share with you 25 things I achieved whilst being 25!

Ran my first mile.

Running my first half marathon.

FullSizeRender (1)

Running the London Marathon.

Lost 2 stone.

Gained some amazing friends.

Learnt to use a slow cooker.


Moved out of my parents home.

Raised over £4000 for charity.

Organised 3 charity events.


Nailed making a roast dinner.

Ventured into the world of YouTube.

Went viral with our Nightmare Before Christmas tree.


Survived our first holiday abroad together.

 Maintained a relationship for the entire year.


Built my first piece of furniture.

Got to my Twitter target of 4k by November.

Reached my 1.5k Instagram target.

Complete the Shaun the Sheep hunt around London!


Visited a place I’d always wanted to go; Madrid.

After a few wine tasting I now understand a lot more about wines.

We made our first promtional video for a brand.


Tried Oysters for the first time!

Saw Fall Out Boy for the 14th time; it was hell getting tickets!

Rebranded this blog.

Had KFC for the first time!

Wow that was harder than I thought it’d be!

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