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Amara Valentine’s Gifts

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, we’re not the most romantic of people so I’ve gone with buying practical gifts this year, in the form of homewares from Amara.  Having recently decorated the entire flat we are always on the lookout for new bits and bobs to make it feel more ‘us’ so that’s what I’ve done!


Our current chopping board is terrible, it’s one of those plain boring white plastic ones that never looks clean, so this Record Player is so up our street!


Not only did the music theme catch my eye so it matches our table mats and coasters, it’s dishwasher safe! YES! It’s also resistant up to 285 degrees, so it’s more than safe to put hot dishes and pans on top to save your worktops. This is going to revolutionise our kitchen, and hopefully he will help out a little more!

We’ve recently got an awesome Nespresso Magimix Machine for the flat but we didn’t have any Espresso cups, and as the chap is the main drinker of this I thought a couple of new ones would work well within this gift idea!


The colours fit perfectly with our kitchen decor and I love that they’re made of enamel; it makes them so quirky! Our current cups are borrowed from my mother and not dishwashers safe so these are a welcome addition to the kitchen! We went for Shutter Blue and Flint.

There are so many more items on Amara that I could of picked up for the chap for being practical, but there are plenty of other amazing gifts on there if you’re not as practical loving as I am!

I know I will be making far more purchases from Amara now the flat is fully decorated!

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