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Laser Eye Surgery – Aftercare

To read about my Laser Eye Surgery procedure click here, this post is all about the first week of aftercare.

Jumping out of bed for a quick neck down shower I noticed that for the first time in about 10 years I could see in the mirror clearly while I brushed my teeth. Your advised to keep water away from your eyes so I just used a wipe to clean my face, I got dressed and ordered an Uber to head back for my next day consultation. Luckily it was quite a bright day so I didn’t look to crazy wandering around in my sunglasses hiding my slightly blood shot eyes.


The next day consultation was easy; they checked my eyes, removed the contact lenses and gave me my next lot of instructions for my eye drops. They also gave me a minor eye test and I could see more than they had expected in such a short time!

We grabbed brunch, and headed home with drops occurring every two hours.

It really is incredible how little the things are that you notice you can see; the map on the tube, adverts outside shops, the numbers outside our flat, all things I couldn’t see without my glasses on before Another thing I really noticed the difference with was the football, that used to be a green fuzzy mess, but I could see the score, the players and the white lines on the pitch! I’ve been taking it easy, not too much TV or computer, and not too much time on my phone a I know bright lights aren’t the best for me still.

On Sunday I was still a little blood shot, but the drops were down to just four times a day. Here’s my first ever selfie that I’ve taken without my glasses on that I can actually see what I’m doing! There’s no make up allowed but I’m just so happy that I can see again that it had to be done!


I will be wearing sunglasses outside if it’s a little bright, I treated myself to a lush new Miu Miu pair, but working from home for the first few days has been great as I can control the lighting in my environment. I haven’t driven yet as I wanted to give myself a week off just to be sure, yes I know, I’m over cautious, but this afternoon I will be back in the car!

At my week after check up, which was this morning, they said my eyes are healing really well! I’m still off make up for another couple of weeks, but I’ve got used to that now! I’m no longer on prescription eye drops, just ones to use if my eyes feel dry at any time!

This has been such a life changing experience; cooking dinner without my glasses steaming up when I open the oven, getting out of bed of a morning and being able to see right away, not worrying about where I took my glasses off last to find them, going to the gym and being able to see all the machines properly, and the joy of just not wearing glasses!

I would highly recommend having your eyes lasered to anyone who is thinking about it, I know it doesn’t come cheap but I’m over the moon with how it’s all gone, certainly worth every penny! My next check up will be in two weeks time, a month after surgery so if anything changes there will be another update.

If you have any questions I’ve not waffled about here please don’t hesitate to ask on Twitter, and I will do my best to help out!

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4 responses to “Laser Eye Surgery – Aftercare”

  1. Rachel says:

    I do think it is amazing what they can do now, a work colleague has had it done and she missed her glasses so much that she has fake ones with her should she feel the need to just wear them for comfort x

    • SquibbVicious says:

      I actually thought about doing that too! I’m not missing them too much yet, I’m still in awe at how much I can see without them!!

  2. Jess says:

    I’ve always dreamed of doing this and I’ve made the decision to go for lasik as my eyes have gotten so much worse and I HATE wearing glasses.

    This was really interesting, thanks.

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