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#JustWater for Water Aid UK – UPDATE

During January I undertook Water Aid #JustWater Challenge, whereby I drink #justwater and nothing else for 4 weeks. To say it has been challenging would be an understatement. As an avid tea-drinker and a squash with water kind of girl, to drink just naked water has been tough. Especially first thing in the morning!! There is nothing I hate more than being faced with a glass of naked water with breakfast. I just cannot bear it, so I have been drinking sparkling water instead! Much better! =)


I have noticed though, that my overall water intake has increased over these past two weeks. Whereas before I would just grab a glass of squash whenever I felt thirsty, drinking plain tap water has knocked those ‘thirsty/headachey’ feelings out of the park and I’m finding I more or less don’t feel that way anymore. I understand now why they say it is so important to drink 2 litres of water a day! I always thought that was nonsense and believed I could get my water by drinking tea or eating apples (which I do, a lot!).

I have been adding lime to my sparkling water to add a bit more interest to it which I find very tasty but I understand other people may not!


I have been allowing myself the odd drink of my Matcha Green Tea or for example, 2 glasses of Orange Juice & Soda when I went out for dinner. I find, because this is much tougher than just doing ‘Dry January’, I have to be able to allow myself a little treat as total restriction just doesn’t work for me! I will not (and will never!) completely cut something out of my diet because I find I just end up craving it and will inevitably just binge on it! But more often than not I have been a good girl and only been drinking either plain tap or sparkling water.

Despite the fact that I may have veered off the #justwater route for this challenge, I do think that overall, my actual water intake has increased as I do find myself more often than not, reaching for another glass of plain water over anything else. So I guess this challenge has made me more aware of just how much squash I drink and how reliant on it I am!

I now have the taste of plain water as well as loving the odd glass of sparkling! Who doesn’t love a glass full of bubbles!!?!?

Have you been doing #DryJanuary? How did you find it? Have you too taken up the @WaterAidUK #justwater challenge? I’d love to know!

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  1. Leanne says:

    Oh I would suck at this challenge but I bet it’s really good for you! x

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