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Shropshire Series: Bishops Castle

When it comes to Shropshire we’re frequent visitors to Bishop’s Castle so I thought this would be the best place to start this mini-series! I’m going to share with you, our favourite five things to do in each of the areas we have visited in Shropshire, so here goes…

If you’re heading to Bishop’s Castle then there really is onl one place you should be staying; Bishop’s Castle Barn! How can you say no to this…


We can’t and have stayed there three times for a total of sixteen nights!!

Next up, you mus take in the incredible countryside around the area. We’ve walked for miles through fields and farms and it’s perfect; we always pack out brolly and wellies so we don’t have to miss out if the weather isn’t up to much!


Next up is to dine at The Castle Hotel; we’ve had a midweek lunch and a Sunday lunch and they were both too good! The value for money is great too. They stock lots of local beers which takess me onto my last two things to do in Bishop’s Castle:


There’s two breweries within the tiny village of Bishop’s Castle and the first I’d recommend is The Three Tuns; this famous and historic pub and brewery in Shropshire has been the ‘beating heart’ of Bishop’s Castle since 1642.  Refurbished and enlarged, it still maintains the spirit of the original pub and is a welcome relief from so many of today’s modern ‘theme pubs’ as it still retains public bar, snug bar, and a dining area. My favourite bit of this pub was the games corner, we sat and played games of Battleship whilst drinking home brewed beers.


And lastly, The Six Bells Brewery. We didn’t actually get to drink in here but we have sampled the beer and it’s lovely! The Six Bells Pub stands on the site of a farmhouse built in 1670, ten years after the restoration of Charles II.  In 1750, the farmhouse was extended and became the site of the Six Bells. The name is in reference to the ix bells of St John the Baptist Church which stands on the opposite side of Kerry Lane.

Have you ever visited Bishop’s Castle?

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