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Wishful Thinking…

This week a friend of mine got bought the most stunning engagement ring, and it’s got me thinking about what I want when my time comes around!  It won’t be conventional, it certainly won’t be traditional and it will be all kinds of quirky, that’s for sure!

So I started looking at Simon Wright Jewellery as I know they have some really lush rings that cater for both traditional and quikier tastes, but in the process I began to wonder why we wear engagement rings, why don’t men wear them too and why we wear them on the finger that we do! I got some answers…

One of the first recorded uses of an diamond engagement ring was Archduke Maximilian of Austria’s proposal to Mary of Burgundy with a ring set with thin, flat pieces of diamonds in the shape of an “M”, but cavemen used cords made of braided grass to tie around his chosen mate’s wrists, ankles, and waist, to bring her spirit under his control, a little possesive if you ask me! The Egyptians have been found wearing rings made of a single silver or gold wire on the third finger of their left hands, which is believed to be connected directly to the heart by the vena amoris, so that’s why we wear it on that finger! But why don’t men wear them, traditionally, it was always seen as a gift from man to woman when making the commitment to become engaged and proof that the woman was “off the market” within reason, and it is a fairly new tradition that men wear wedding rings so who knows what might happen in the future.

You know what’s coming up next don’t you… yes, a wishlist of stunning rings!


My dream ring would be a sapphire, much like this one, as blue is my favourite colour! I realyl enjoy the rectangle shape as I feel they sit so nicely on your finger.  The band on this one is stunning too, just some added extra bling!


I know this isn’t a stone that you would normally find in an enagement ring but I think it’s incredible! I have a thing about globes and it really reminds me of one! The setting for the ring is so classy too, just image that sparkling away on your finger!


This is a little more traditional, but still a lovely shade of blue, of course. This is very art deco, and the setting is just amazing.

I wonder if I could get that setting with a sapphire…

How amazing are these rings?! To make your own wishlist click here and let me know which ones you pick,

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  1. Lisa says:

    I always heard that the ring was a sort of deposit that the man placed on the woman so that if they caved before the wedding and had sex and then he broke it off she would at least have something of value (even if her virginity was no longer in tact!).

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