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Nag’s Head, Brentwood.

When the lovely team from The Nag’s Head invited us down to try their new menu, we jumped it! We’d heard nothing but good things and the new menu sounds far too good to miss out on!

So one Sunday at 5pm we headed over to give it a go… the restaurant was packed and we were told this wasn’t even busy for them!


The restaurant itself had such lovely decor; it felt warm, homely and despite how busy it was the noise levels were perfect.

We had a quick drink at the bar before being seated. Our table was next to an open fire, no roaring away luckily, but I’m a sucker for a nice fire place!

Being desert fans we decided to go with two courses and skip the starter… naughty of us, I know!


I obviously chose the Wagyu burger, as I’m pretty much ‘Queen of Burger Eating’ and never say no to one! Wagyu is when your cow (sorry veggies) is massaged, listens to classical music and basically has the best life a cow can have, and it makes your meat tender and probably the best slab of meat you’ll ever eat.  Up until this meal I’d never heard of Wagyu beef and after devouring this burger, I will certainly be looking out for it on menus! When a burger is put in front of me, I often judge it by the size of the patty, and 99% of the time when a HUGE patty is within my burger I worry that there’s too much meat and it’s often likely that it can get a little boring eating it, but with this amazing Wagyu burger, despite the sheer size of it, I was far from bored.  The meat was tender and so full of flavour that I would go back at lest once a week to have one if I wasn’t trying to shed so much weight! The bacon was cooked to my idea of perfection too; I’m all about crispy bacon in burgers and this had nailed it. The garlic dip was lush, as were the chips!


Mike opted for the Duck and Waffle! I have always been a little skeptical of this combination but after trying this one, and the fact that Mike said ‘If that was put in front of me right now I’d happily eat it again, but I’m a little full!’ has made me realise you need to just try these things! Even the honey roasted pineapple was dreamy!


Ok, so we were mega full up, but we wanted to try desert so I went with half a desert in the form of a brownie and a salted caramel hot chocolate. Both were so good!


And Mike went with the Bramley apple & blackcurrant crumble with custard that was devoured as quickly as he could and he pretty much licked the bowl clean!


The service really exceeded all expectations, the new Spring menu has some cracking additions and with it only being fifteen minutes from home we will certainly be returning.

Have you ever been to The Nag’s Head?

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  1. Luce says:

    I love the Nag’s Head. There aren’t that many decent pubs in Brentwood, but this is definitely one of them. I’ve not been since the Spring menu, but need to try that wagyu burger! x

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