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My Favourite Family Memory *

The lovely team over at Red Letter Days recently asked me what my favourite memory with my parents was, and I was so stuck to think of just one to share with them so I thought I’d do a post of highlights from my childhood.

 I’m going to start with the one I eventually chose to share with Red Letter Days…


This was an awesome memory, and such a great surprise. I’m such a huge Disney fan as well.

So, a few more memories that first popped to mind when I was asked;


Las Vegas, I can’t not think about memories with my parents and not mention this! Back in 2008 the three of us went on a three centre holiday with a stop in Vegas for my parents to renew their wedding vows as they’d been married for 25 years; it was a full blown Elvis wedding in Little White Wedding Chapel and I got to be Bridesmaid.  It was rather crazy seeing Mumma Bear in a wedding dress and walking through our hotel to cheers and shouts of ‘Congratulations!’ I’m just hoping they don’t murder me for sharing this photo…


My Graduation was another great memory as my parents supported me through my degree and in general, I couldn’t ask for more supportive parents! THey are there for me 24/7 and moving out last year was pretty damn tough as my parents are certainly my best friends. There isn’t a day that goes by without talking to them, I’d feel odd if I didn’t!


Another amazing memory was when they surprised me with two puppies! I’ve chosen this snap of Daddy Dude and Chungy just to prove that he lets her get away with all the things he shouldn’t! When we first got the pups, it was ‘the pups can’t do this,’ ‘the pups can’t do that’ and guess what?! They do all they wasn’t allowed to and more now; he was never that much of a push over with me!!


My most recent favourite memory would be when these pair met for the first time, and they got on like a house on fire! Having a boyfriend that puts in so much effort with my family is amazing, and it’s even better when my family want to put in effort with him! Just a shame the chaps an Arsenal fan, Dad won’t ever approve of that!

There are a good few memories that deserve a mention that don’t have photos to accompany them such as the time we all went to Lapland to visit Santa Clause for my 5th birthday and the hotel had to snowmobile my teddy, Twiddle, from the airpost back to me as our bag got lost! Santa also knew it was my birhtday and he gave me a gift!!

The way they surprised me with a car for both my 18th and 21st, the holidays to Disney and chasing Princesses, hiring a Hummer as they’re my dream car, Dad and I getting matching tattoos, and so many more holidays and days out!


As a thank you to Mumma Bear, Red Letter Days are kindly sending us for a massage and facial at a Champneys Town and City Spa local to us (sorry Dad!), and she doesn’t know yet! It’s just a test to see how often she reads my blog! Just this weekend my Mumma Bear offered to help iron a dress for a wedding we have this weekend, she feeds us once a week after the gym so we have more time to chill out when we get home, she constantly looks out for me and it’s about time I thanked her!

What’s your favourite family memory?

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2 responses to “My Favourite Family Memory *”

  1. Sophie says:

    Awww this is so sweet, hope you and your mum have a lovelyyy relaxing time!

  2. Issy says:

    I know I have a vested interest, working for Red Letter Days, but am genuinely moved by this blog post, thanks so much, Your parents seem awesome, am sure they will forgive you sharing their Vegas wedding shot!

    Issy 🙂

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