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Spending Time With Friends & Family Is The Best Thing About Eating Out

When it comes to dining out at restaurants, everyone has their personal preferences and tastes. There are just so many options now – Chinese, British, American, Italian, Mexican, Spanish, Thai & there’s even choices between casual, smart & smart-casual restaurants, there really is something for everyone.


For many eating out is a monthly treat after pay day, or saved for special occasions like birthdays, while others love it so much they indulge in a trip out on a weekly basis. There is just something so appealing about eating beautifully cooked food, surrounded by people you love, being waited on and being able to enjoy the pleasant ambience. But all these lovely factors do raise one big question – what is the best thing about dining out at a restaurant?

Well new research has answered that very question. A survey commissioned by hospitality industry experts,¬†Restaurant Supply Store, has revealed that the nation’s favourite thing about dining out is socialising with friends and family.

Adults in the UK were asked what they most enjoy about the whole eating out experience, and way out in front with 38% of the vote was spending time with family & friends. Everything is better when surrounded by close friends and loving family & enjoying a meal out is no different. Whether you’re enjoying a celebratory meal out, trying a new restaurant and its flavours or just meeting up with pals, the night is always full with laughs, jokes, camaraderie & great memories are often created.

Jon Shepherd, Director of the Essex based Restaurant Supply Store, isn’t surprised by the findings & is of a similar mindset, saying “fond memories of a good night out with friends around a dinner table can last forever.”


The second best thing about meals out, with 26% of the vote, is not having to cook, with a further 14% of people saying they enjoy eating better quality food. Having to spend every day of the week cooking food & preparing meals for the family or even just for yourself can be incredibly enjoyable, but can also become a tedious daily chore, so when the opportunity arises to have someone else (often more talented) cook for you, a lot of people jump at the chance. It’s nice to be able to relax after work and enjoy the fact that a highly skilled chef is producing something mouth-wateringly wonderful for you to devour – even if it’s just for one night, it beats your attempts at home made Chilli con carne.

12% of people asked said their favourite part of going out for dinner, is not having to do the washing up afterwards, while 9% of Britons enjoy a change of scenery. It is obvious that some time spent away from the house, enjoying the luxuries of a river view, a classy restaurant, great food & live music and of course not having to worry about a sink full of dishes, are key to meal time happiness.

So whether you enjoy having fun with your friends, indulging in great quality food, having a night off from the cooker or just heading out for a change of venue, we can all agree eating out is something to enjoy.

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