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Healthy Roots, Upminster

Last weekend we headed back to my parents house to puppy sit and we thought with the sun shining it’d be a great time to head into the High Street to try Healthy Roots.


Healthy Roots does exactly what it says on the tin, it’s delicious homemade healthy meals!

I’d had a personal training session on Friday night and we’d been to Fitness Rocks Circuits in the morning so it made perfect sense to have a filling, yet healthy meal at lunch time.

On arrival we sat, and were given menus by the staff, who were so attentive and really lovely people! We ordered a coffee, and a strawberry smoothie…


The smoothie was amazing, and it didn’t leave me feeling full and lethargic after as a lot of the sugar filled ones can. The chap said the coffee was great quality too.

We both ordered the protein burger and sweet potato fries, with the bun! On the menu, it tells you the calories and protein content per serving which I think is such a fantastic idea, especially for people like the chap who constantly reads the nutritional info on the back of the packs to see the protein contents!


This photo really doesn’t do the burger justice as I hadn’t planned on taking photos to blog but when we had such a good meal with such awesome service I kind of had to blog!

The burger was so bloody good; it was pure meat! Oh there were a few herbs thrown in with lettuce and tomatoes but no sauces! It made me realise how much sauce isn’t needed in burgers and how much we need to make our own burgers at home more.

After our meal we felt great, not stoggy at all!

The staff were fantastic, the food was fab and the decor was great too, so we will be returning for sure!

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