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Men & Their Stag Dos! *

We’ve hit that age where people are getting married, having kids and just being real adults, which saddens me as I never want to grow up, but it also means that there are hen parties and stag dos popping up all over the place. The chap is heading off on one very soon and it’s got me thinking what actually happens on stag dos?! Do I actually want to think about that?! Especially when the chap is heading to Benidorm with a group of about 40 of them!!


Having looked into what actually happens I was quite surprised, in a good way, was to what I found out;  63% of respondents to an online survey I looked weren’t pranked on their stag do and I thought that stag dos were all about getting one up on the stag and pranking him as much as you could!

Also only 21.94% wore fancy dress on their stag party, and again I thought that it was your chance to embarrass the stag and get him in a nurses outfit. It’s seeming to me that stag dos are becoming a little more tame and more about male bonding time than getting smashed and forgetting everything, although…. statistics show that 41% cannot remember their own stag night which does seem very high! For me, personally, I’d want to remember my hen party and all the effort that went into planning it.


It seems like the chap has been invited to a lot of stag abroad this year, but the number one destination for stag groups in 2016, so far, has been Bournemouth, for the third year running! The five most popular destinations in the first quarter of 2016 have been Bournemouth, Brighton, Newcastle, Prague, and Bristol. Prague is the only abroad destination in the top five, however, Budapest and Riga have been closely following behind. All three of these destinations are considered low-cost destinations, where a party atmosphere prevails. Funnily enough I’m off to a hen party in Bristol next year!

When you think of stag dos there are lots of stereotypes such as being tied to a post, and it seems this isn’t very likely any, with only 7% claiming this happened to them on their stag do! And most shockingly 81.94% claim they never got a lap dance or went to a strip club, instead choosing alternative activities like bubble football, paintballing or footgolf!

Part of me is a little more comfortable with the chap jetting off with the lads now! What do you think happens on stag dos, or do you prefer not to know?!

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