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The Rise of Food Blogs

When it comes to blogging, there are new blogs appearing on the scene every day, possibly even every hour but the genre I see the most new blogs appearing is food!


We all love food, so why not share the amazing foods you find, meals the latest restaurants are offering and fantastic recipes you create at home; I’m certainly guilty of it. There are so many categories of food blog you can find including homemade recipes for all kind of food under the sun, there are blogs that list the newest restaurants on the block before everyone else knows, and there are blogs that only contains the finest of food pictures.

I spend hours reading about food, and probably just as long eating foods, and I wonder why none of my clothes fit!

IMG_1666 (1)

It’s not only food blogs that are on the rise, it’s all kinds of things related to food, including games like crazy eating challenges such as hot wing eating, timed challenges and free meals if you can eat them all, online food slots games like Chinese Kitchen slots , and parties based around themed foods! The craziest being where a guest is given a letter and they have to bring a food starting with that letter! I’d hate to get stuck with an awful letter, what party food starts with B?!

Foodie pop up bars and restaurants are also on the rise, there’s a new one every week in London; hamburgers done to perfection, quirky combinations and foods from every corner of the world that us Londoners flock to try. One of the most popular bar openings has to be Flight Club where you can play darts and Draught’s, London’s first board game cafe, is always packed out!  There’s also the Cardboard Cafe where you can play games too.


With people spending more and more time out eating or trying new diets it’s no wonder food blogging, gaming and crazy pop-ups are becoming such a craze! To be honest, I’d be lost without food blogs, I love knowing where to eat when I get stuck for ideas and especially when I go abroad!

What’s your favourite food blog?

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