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3 Ways to Create a Buzz Before Launching Your Book *

*Collaborative Post.

These days, thanks to things like self publishing, it is possible to launch your own book even without going through the steps of getting an agent and a publisher. This means that lots more people try writing their own books, because there isn’t the same risk that the book you worked so hard on will never see the light of day. Whether you have decided to write a non-fiction book about something you are an expert in, or a novel, it can be hard to make sales if you don’t drum up interest because there are now so many more books released every week for readers to choose from. Whether you are self publishing or have a publisher, you are expected to do your own promotional work to help the book sell, and a big part of this is developing some buzz and anticipation before your book is available to buy.

Here are three ways to try and create some interest before you launch your book.

Plan a Launch Party

That milestone date when your book goes on sale can feel anticlimactic if you don’t mark it, both for yourself and for the people you have already gotten interested in it. Having a launch party can be a good way to bring together the people you already expect to buy your book like friends and associates, and also invite people who have been paying attention to your upcoming book online. You can have a reading from the book and sign copies for people, and theme the event if you want to.

The importance of choosing a venue for your launch party shouldn’t be ignored.  You’ll want somewhere small enough to encourage a fun atmosphere, yet large enough to cater to all of your guests.  Working with an event planner or searching for a perfect venue through a site like Venue Search London is an ideal option.

Get Some Early Reviews Published

Before your book goes on general sale, get in touch with bloggers who write book reviews and offer them an advance copy in return for a write up. This can mean you’ll get coverage on review sites and other relevant blogs that their readers will see. If you have written a business or non-fiction book, you can also seek out reviews on sites about relevant topics that don’t normally just write about books – for instance fitness sites for a diet book, fan sites for a celebrity biography, or start-up websites for a business handbook. Ask these reviewers to include a link back to your website too, as this will help boost traffic to your site where you can have other promotional information.

Release Sample Chapters

Just as you show agents or publishers part of your work to get them interested, you can also tempt readers by giving them a chapter or two to read on your website before you launch. George R R Martin’s The Winds of Winter is notoriously late in being finished and doesn’t really need more buzz than it already has, but he routinely makes chapters from upcoming books available before the books are finished to give fans something to talk about.

 These are just three of the ways you can create a buzz about your upcoming book launch – good luck!

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