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What I actually used at Glastonbury!

As you may remember before I headed off to Glasto I shared a little snippet of what I was packing in my huge camping bag, and I thought it’d be nice to share with you what I actually used from that post. There were bits we couldn’t have lived without and bits that we didn’t use as expected!


From the lovely pack that Lifeventures sent me I used the Dry Body WashPocket First Aid Kit and the Intensity 220 LED Head Torch on a daily basis. The torch had one of the most powerful beams I’ve ever seen from a head torch and it really came in handy on those late night toilet trips and missing guide ropes!

The chap used the Travel Ear Plugs as he’s a far lighter sleeper than I am. The noise didn’t seem to bother me as I was so shattered from dragging myself through the mud each day!


We also used the Duct Tape, well I say we, I watched as the chap and one of our tent neighbours used it to try and fix his broken tent but we didn’t have much luck! It was a little beyond repair.

We did take with us the Softfibre Travel Towel but we didn’t shower (gross I know) and the rain wasn’t bad enough to dry ourselves off with it so I see this as kind of a good thing. I think these will be great to hold on to for holidays and when we hopefully Trek America next year. I also didn’t use the Light Sticks as I totally forgot we had them in our backpack, useless Haydy! I also took the Inflatable Neck Pillow for use in the car on the long drives but ended up staying awake for them so that went unused but I would certainly take it again next year as the drive can get very boring!

In the end, I didn’t pack the DriStore 5L Roll Top Dry Bag as we wasn’t too sure what we would use this for as we tend to just live out of our backpacks. I didn’t use the Body Wallet Multi Pocket as I couldn’t fit all that I wanted to in it, and the Digital Hard Case didn’t fit the camera we took as we used the Polaroid CUBE that has it’s own case already.

I shall be doing another post shortly of things we wished we had taken with us but didn’t!

Do you ever overpack?

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