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Top Tips For Being The Belle Of The Ball *

To look fabulous for homecoming, a fantastic dress is obviously a must-have. But, it’s only going to take you so far, no matter how stunning it is. A gorgeous hairstyle helps, but in reality, every part of your body needs to shine to look amazing. Follow these tips to look and feel sensational.


Homecoming Hair 

Keep your homecoming hair style looking perfect and glamorous by applying styling cream to those little unruly strands using an old toothbrush. Only treat the problem areas so as to avoid overloading on hairspray that’s only going to make your hair look stiff and unnatural. If you’re having your hair done professionally, remember to take photos from magazines with you for inspiration.

Try adding a little sparkle to your homecoming hair style by spraying your locks with a little hairspray and then sprinkling with loose glitter. As the light hits on the dance floor, you will sparkle like a queen.

Homecoming Eyes

Before we talk about makeup, you should know that shopping for homecoming dresses means taking everything into account. There are plenty of stores out there where you can find the best dresses. For example, Prom Dress Shop sells prom dresses in Chicago as well as other types of dresses for different occasions. And, take note that when you’re planning everything, you need to consider if your makeup will complement your dress. Nothing opens the eyes up more and pulls the look together than perfectly shaped eyebrows. If you’re just beginning to play around with eyebrows, have them professionally waxed to get a shape and then maintain it with routine plucking.

Why not draw attention to your eyes with long lashes? Rather than messing around with false eyelashes, use a mascara infused with stretch fibers. Just one coat is all it takes to give you the look you want.

Homecoming Smile

 For soft lips, be sure to slather on petroleum jelly and rub it in using an old toothbrush to get rid of dry and flaky skin. Do this the night before homecoming to achieve smooth, kissable lips. Then, to keep those lips looking rosy all night, use a lip stain which will keep you from having to reapply lipstick every hour.

For those perfect homecoming picture smiles, start brushing your teeth with a whitening toothpaste a few weeks before homecoming. You could also use whitening strips every night for about a month before the event.

Homecoming Skin 

Nothing ruins homecoming more than an unsightly blemish. Minimize damage by holding an ice cube on the area for a couple of minutes to ease the swelling. Then rub a hydrocortisone cream on the blemish and cover with a medicated concealer.

You’ll want your skin to glow, too. One homecoming day, moisturize all over and add a touch of glitter for a slightly shimmery glow. If your homecoming dress shows off a little leg, avoid dry and flaky skin by starting to exfoliate a week before homecoming. Add a scrub to damp skin for a baby-soft feel.

Finally, for blister-free, lovely feet, be sure to buy your homecoming shoes early and break them in right away. Wear them around the house with socks on for an hour a day and they’ll be perfect for homecoming night. Make sure to check out some comfy looking shoes.

Keep these tips in mind and you’ll have a beautiful, homecoming-ready body to show off your glamorous dress in on the night. Remember to do a final beauty check before heading out the door and then relax and enjoy your homecoming.

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