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Keeping Your Antique Diamond Engagement Ring in Good Condition *

Engagement rings are something that we have given to our betrothed for quite some time, and there is some fascinating history to this social tradition. The Readers Digest website has some interesting information on the history of engagement rings which makes for interesting reading. When you buy an antique ring, you are purchasing a piece that has history, and the provenance of an antique can sometimes be fascinating. To keep you ring in top condition, you will have to make sure that you take good care of it so it continues to sparkle.


Every Day Wear and Tear

With antique diamond engagement rings that will steal your heart, it is important that you do not wear them too much. What is the point in having a fancy engagement ring if you do not get to wear it and show it off? There is nothing wrong with wearing your engagement ring to show off your forthcoming wedding, but there are certain activities that you should take the ring off to avoid it getting dirty and losing its shine.

Household chores can have an effect on the shine and lustre of your ring, so you should avoid wearing your ring when you are using cleaning products. It is possible to wear gloves, although it would be best to remove your ring entirely when you are cleaning. If you are doing any extreme activity such as exercise, you are also advised to take off your ring as a build up of sweat and dirt can also have an effect on your rings appearance. You will also want to remove your ring when you sleep, as well as when you are having a shower or a bath. Wearing your ring only at appropriate times will help to keep it shining for a long time to come.

Getting Back the Shine

Whether you go for the unique beauty of antique or modern jewellery, the process of taking care of your ring remains the same. However, it is inevitable that over the course of time, your ring will pick up dirt and grime, and your diamonds might not shine like they once did. If you search on the internet, there are many home remedies for cleaning jewellery using household products, but you do have to be careful. Many cleaning products can damage either the metal or the stones in the ring, so using the wrong type of cleaning product can end up damaging your ring. One of the best things that you can use is a very mild soap such as dishwashing liquid. Put some warm water in a bowl along with the dishwashing liquid, and place your ring in the water for a few minutes. Take a very soft brush and remove any visible grime from the ring, and rinse under warm water. If you need to repeat the process, and once your ring is clean take a soft cloth and rub it dry. If your ring does start to lose it sheen, then you can always take it back to where you purchased it, or to another jewellery company, and ask them to clean your ring professionally.

If you take proper care your engagement ring, it will be shining on your finger for many years to come.

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