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When it comes to home improvements, I have a list as long as my arm that I want to do when we own our own home. At the moment, being in a flat means we are restricted to just painting the walls and we certainly can’t extend anything! But when we do buy I have this dream of heading to an auction, buying a totally worn out house that’s in need of some love and putting our mark on it. With my dad in the building trade knowing what will benefit us the most when we sell it will be easy but for lots of people, they would have no idea where to start, especially if they every fancied  moving overseas too.

Building a kitchen extension in the rear for the UK is a great way to add money to your property as is making sure your driveway is smart, but in America little jobs like making sure your attic is well insulated can add value. In Australia, they have similar priorities to us, they like a smart driveway and neat looking home.

If you want to find out more, Tile Mountain have put together this handy resource.


Have you made any major home improvements to add value to your home?

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