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Becoming a Coffee Snob *

For those that know me well will know that I’m not allowed to drink caffeine, well I can drink it, it just has horrid effects on me due to my Rosacea but that doesn’t stop me from being a coffee snob!  There are so many different varieties of decaf coffee now that I can be picky and only drink the best and the best I get from A1 coffee.


A1 Coffee is a family-run business based in sunny Suffolk, they currently stock well over 2,000 product lines and are the cheapest I’ve found. I’d much rather give my money to a family business than a large supermarket, plus they have a better decaf selection! They even have produced their own range of great quality coffees called Planet Java. The range has been painstakingly designed and blended to offer their customers real coffee-shop quality products at prices that are below average; gotta give ’em that!

 Over the past year, I blame Mike, I’ve become quite accustomed to using a cafetiere to make sure I get the best out of my warm drinks and don’t fancy using the Nespresso machine. So I thought I’d share my top tips on getting the best from your cafetiere so you can be a snob too…


The amount of coffee you use is imperative. Quality coffees will have been carefully roasted to bring out the flavours and characteristics unique to that blend. Under-filling or using too much will ruin the intended taste and will mean you don’t get a true reflection of the coffee’s character, so as a rule, use 7g of ground coffee per ‘cup’.

 Use recently boiled water that has been left to stand for a minute or so. If you re-boil water then it won’t be able to percolate properly and if you pour boiling water directly onto the coffee then you will burn it, resulting in a bitter taste.

Leave it to brew for 4 minutes, plunge, then pour out of the cafetiere immediately. You want to get the best flavours and this is the best time to get them.

Did you know, freezers are the best place to store it once it’s been opened, but it’s still advisable to drink them fairly quickly to retain the full flavour and freshness!

Are you a coffee snob?

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