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How to Plan a Successful Winter Camping Trip *

The UK has some stunning landscapes that come alive in the winter time, so if you’re one of these people who’s considering a camping holiday when the temperatures have dropped, but you think it will be too cold, never fear! In today’s article, I’ll go over just a few top tips that will help you have the best winter break of them all, right here in the UK.

Get the right tent

Have you been to an outdoors store recently? Gone are the days when camping meant a dreary tent in a field – these days it’s practically a fine art! There are some ultra-cool designer tents that have compartments for sleeping and eating, as well as table-and-chair sets that fold into easily transportable suitcases. What you need to do, is go over what essentials you’ll be needing to take with you, and do your research about the kinds of tents that will suit your trip. As it’s a winter camping trip, you can check out the kinds of features you should be looking for right here.

Choose the right equipment

After you have your sleeping quarters all figured out, you’ll need to make sure that you pack up the right equipment for the job. First of all, you’ll need a portable stove, travel cookware and cutlery for all your meals, and good quality cool boxes for all your food, as well as portable tables and chairs. Next up, think about airbeds and mats; of course you’ll need a sleeping bag, but making sure you have that extra layer between yourself and the ground is absolutely critical to keeping the chill off your bones, or you could end up sick. Make sure you create a checklist of everything you’ll use on a day-to-day basis.

Time to suit up

Have you considered what clothing you’re going to wear on your winter camping trip? Let me tell you right now that you will be living in your thermals, so picking up a good quality pair to wear underneath everything is a must. You’ll need both heavy and lightweight waterproof coats to cope with all weathers too, so that you can fit different ones over layers of clothing depending on what weather you encounter. Woolly hats, thick gloves and feet warmers should also be on your shopping list, along with a good quality pair of walking boots with a thick tread for any ice weather.

Don’t forget the winter essentials

Aside from everything above, there are some other key items you should try to take with you on your trip. Ice scrapers and de-icer fluid for your car, snow shovels and medic kits should all be packed up to take with you. I always keep a spare blanket and handy items like torches and spare phone chargers in the car too. Try to plan for the worst-case scenario, and you shouldn’t go far wrong!

Are you going away camping this winter? Let me know where you’re headed by leaving me a comment.


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