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Come & See Me at #BlogConLDN!

I’ve often looked at schedules for blogger conventions all over the UK in awe of the incredible bloggers that will be sharing their knowledge with other bloggers by hosting their own talks and workshops. Then an email drops into my inbox from Scarlett asking me to host my own roundtable discussion at #BlogConLDN where 400 tickets will be sold.

I legit freaked out. I agreed. And this happened.

So yeah, I’m hosting my own little sector on how working with brands works from an Outreach perspective.

If you’re interested in what happens behind the scenes when working in Outreach then this could of interst to you. I’ve been working within Outreach for over five years so have a litlt stash of hints and tips to share with you. I shall also be covering the likes of how we pick the bloggers we work with based on client needs, how we measure the worth of bloggers, how outreaching for SEO & brand exposure differenciate and will (hopefully!) be answering any questions you throw at me.

Be great to see you there!

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