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The Diner, Islington *

There’s no secret to my American food addiction, I’m pretty open about it and today I’m going to divulge into this a little more with some gushing words about The Diner in Islington. I never say no to the chance to dine in American style establishments as they’re pretty much my favourite kind of food stop!

The Diner, a well-known diner-style chain, has recently refurbished their Islington branch so we were invited down to fill our boot with meaty goodness and, for Mike, Tequila Snow Cones! There’s nothing like adding alcohol to fun childhood memories to bring them up to date!

Whenever we go to The Diner, we stare at the menu for ages trying to decide if we want a burger, hot dog or one of their more homely style meals. When we last visited The Diner I went for a burger and Mike had chicken so we thought we’d switch it up a little bit.

We even went in for different starters. I think this means we have to keep going back to try all of the menu items now we’ve started this right?!

I chose the chicken strips as I’m a huge fan of breaded chicken. These were served with a spicy tomato style sauce that went perfectly. Being the pansy that I am, I couldn’t handle too much of the hot sauce which always annoys me as I enjoy it so much!! The starter portions are rather large and we always say, we won’t eat it all to save room for our main; we never stick to that.

Mike had the chicken wings which were the perfect amount of spice. They also came with a sauce in the side, this one being blue cheese which also went really well with my chicken strips! He devoured the entire basket so that’s a great sign right?

So my main, this might come to a shock to you, was The Diner Dog. Yes, I went to a diner and didn’t have a burger! The Diner Dog is a Beef frank topped with swiss cheese, bacon, sour cream & pickles. SO good!

Mike went in for the Original Burger, which is a hamburger with lettuce, tomato, dill pickle, red onion & the Diner burger sauce on a sesame bun and he added some bacon for good measure. It took him a while, but he emptied his basket and we demolished a basket of sweet potato fries too.

Normally I would go for some proper naughty fries that The Diner do so well, but with the marathon fast approaching, I stayed away. The heartbreak was real. I also haven’t tried their hard shakes which is on my list for after the run too!

Have you visited The Diner before? Have you tried the insane chips?

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