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Bank Holiday Night In *

This weekend has been a long one, which means it’s my favourite kind of weekend, who doesn’t love an extra day off?! We spent a lot of it with friends, but one of the nights we just needed some time to ourselves, we needed a night in. We ummed and ahhed about what take away to get to save cooking and then I remembered we had a Chicago Town, the takeaway pizza in the freezer!

 I’m a bit of a pizza fanatic but we don’t order it in as much as I would like to as we always think it’s really overpriced but having a few of these in the freezer is always a total winner. Plus it cooks a hell of a lot quicker than waiting for a delivery and when I’m hungry the quicker the food, the better!

 We popped the pizza in the oven, made ourselves a couple of cocktails, and set the table out on the balcony as it was still warm outside despite being almost 10pm!

Our pizza totally had the ultimate takeaway taste and made our little impromptu date night in a hell of a lot cheaper than they can be! The pizza has a special rising dough that isn’t pre-cooked before it gets to you so with you cooking the dough fresh which makes all the difference.

We enjoyed our pizza so much! It was the  Pulled Buffalo Chicken; tender pulled chicken, red onions and melted mozzarella on buffalo spiced sauce with the signature tomato sauce stuffed crust! There is also the new BBQ Feast; topped with mozzarella, chorizo, red and yellow peppers, red onions and barbecue sauce on a classic thin crust that I will be adding those to my shopping list this week.

If you’re looking for inspiration, the Chicago Town, the takeaway pizza Twitter, and Facebook have loads of fun ideas you should totally check out.

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