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Taste Testing Lyons Coffee Bags *

Usually when I talk to people who are mega passionate coffee I get scorned at for saying I only drink decaf! I mean, it’s not through choice, it’s an allergy and it’s not worth the bother. BUT I do love coffee so that’s not going to stop me from drinking it. So when the team from Lyon‘s got in contact to try their new coffee bags I expect to get laughed at and declined with I asked for my decaf option. There was no laughter, there were no rude comments, they simply sent me a box of their decaf range. That makes me a very happy little lady. Although the decaf option isn’t yet available to buy in shops, I’m hoping to see it in supermarkets soon!

The most popular flavour in the range, with a classic, rich flavour is the No.3, is available to buy from  Tesco, Ocado, Nisa, Waitrose and Sainsbury’s so I’m going to be picking up some of those for Mike as he’s such a coffee lover and can handle the caffeine! Plus, Lyons has partnered with Project Waterfall and a proportion of the sales of each box of Lyons coffee bought is donated to the charity so it’s even more of a reason to stock up!

Before I go into this review, I’m going to tell you a little more about Lyon’s; Since 1904 they’ve been carefully roasting great coffee right here in the UK which always wins me over. It’s their mission to make it easy to enjoy fresh, roasted coffee anytime, anywhere and they want to be your everyday coffee hero with the best tasting, most convenient coffee on the market.

And yes, I have been saying the words coffee bags, and no, I’ve not got myself in a pickle with tea bags. Lyon’s have actually designed bags of coffee that come individually wrapped so are perfect for popping in your handbag.

And you pop them in your mug, just like you would a tea bag and drown in boiling water. Leave it to brew for a few minutes depending on how strong you like your coffee.

You then strain the bag and add your milk and boom, you’re done.

The coffee itself tastes fantastic. They are so easy to use and mess-free.

My box is dated until June 2018 which is great as I’m going to be chucking a few of those bags into my suitcase for when we go on Trek America as we’re going to be in motels and hostels some nights and I doubt that decaf coffee will be widely available.

So these get a big thumbs up for me; they’re easy to use they taste great and are kept fresh in their great wrapping!

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