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Grill on the Market *


*This post contains photos of lots of meat including raw meats*

Every now and again I get invited to an event that I’ve shouted yes at about ten times before I’ve even finished reading the email, and this was one of them!

Grill on the Market in Smithfields is an old establishment that’s recently been given a refurb and looks every inch the quirky steak bar that certainly belongs in the centre of London. Wooden walls, dapper staff and big leather seats welcome you as you walk in and you’re suddenly engulfed in laid-back luxury.

We were greeted with two cocktails, both oozing that summer feeling to match the hot sunshine beating down outside. One being the Elderflower Spritz; Ketel One Citroen, Ketel One, elderflower, lemon, and soda. The cocktail menu is totally new, the only drink left on the menu before the refurb is the Smokey Old Fashioned!

We met Scott, the MD of Blackhouse, the owner company of the restaurant and Kamil, the GM of the branch; I knew we were in for a good night when I listened to how passionately they discussed the food and how the restaurant was run. It’s always a bloody good sign when you have people behind the brand that fully believe in what they do and how they do it as it shines through at the event and in the day to day running of the restaurant.

We were taken through to the restaurant area behind the bar, sat in a semi-circle and eagerly awaited the learning to begin. What learning I hear you say?! Well, the butcher from Fairfax, where the Grill on the Market gets their meat from, was there to talk us through each cut of meat they use for every steak on the menu. I love events like this where it’s a little more hands on than just trying the food.

We tried 5 different steaks ranging from their base entry level steak at £18 a piece. This is the Australian Rump steak. For me, eating steak is a big deal. I never have it out of home as Mike knows exactly how I liked ti cook so this event was the first event that I ate pick steak… it made me rethink the past 2 years in which I’ve been eating steak. Why had I not tried this before? It melts in your mouth.

Next up was the Scotch Sirlion, at £24.50.Scotch meat is actually different to Scottish meat so do ask before you order as Scotch is often better quality. This cut is often marbled with fat but this makes the meat overall more flavoursome.

Next up was the English-Galician Sirloin, and this wasn’t a piece of meat I’d heard of before. And I’m feeling you won’t have either, but it’s a really interesting cut of meat.  This sirloin is cut from retired British dairy cows – middle-aged cattle that have been bred on the lush meadows of the south-west for 15 years. I never knew this was something that was done, and n an odd way it’s nice for them to have grazed on grass for so long.

 This steak, Single Breed Sirloin, was from what is referred to as the Butcher Block; as you walking into the restaurant area on your left is a large fridge filled with meat and this comes from there! The fridge is lined with Himalayan Rock Salt and the meat is Dry Aged.  We love our steak just cookd with a little salt so flavours in this was perfect.

Last up, you may have guessed, is a Wagyu steak. This comes in at £60 a steak and it more than worth that! Claimed to be the most tender, succulent & tastiest meat in the world. From the Wagyu breed, it is reared on a beer diet & massaged from birth. I wish I could eat this every day for the rest of my life. Really.

If you’re eager to know more about all the meats you can consume here, then be sure to consult their ‘Book of Beef’ when you visit. This is the meat bible that they swear by!

Every course was paired with a wine, apart from one that had a cocktail. We learnt so much about the pairings, even my dad did who’s a bit of a wine nerd! I always urge people to ask for advice when pairing wines with meals; the restaurant will always have a great idea of what goes best even if they don’t have a Sommelier.

Our dessert was a little taster plate of some of the incredible tastes they offer, our plate consisted of the Lemon & Lime Posset with Brandy snaps, mint, sugar, Banana Bread & Butter Pudding with Orange crème Fraiche, and a scoop of amazing ice cream. I didn’t really have room but you know, I had to eat it as it was all so good!

After all of our course, and food filled learning, we headed back out into the bar for more cocktails and a little sing along to the fabulous jazz pianist.

We had such a great night; the staff were amazing, the food impeccable and the atmosphere was awesome. I really can’t wait to return and I know, for a fact, Dad will be too! I can’t talk highly enough about the quailty you recieve here!

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