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Pesky’s Vegan Brunch Club

A while back, on a rather warm, sunny Sunday I went down to ‘the Yard’ in Hackney Wick to try Pesky’s Vegan Brunch Club, which is part of their 2017 residency. I was there as a guest of the ever awesome, Luisa-Christie, and accompanied by her mumma and friend Kitty. We were a mix of vegan, veggie, gluten-free veggie, and myself, a complete meat eater so it’s a really great way to see what people with different tastes make of the food.

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 We began with a mixture of orange, pineapple, apple and tomato juices between us whilst we sat outside and decided what brunch we wanted to start the day with. There are two options; sweet or savoury. In the end, we ordered two of each, with me opting for the savoury option.

Whilst awaiting our meals we were bought up the cutest little bowls of passion fruit seeds, red grapes, strawberry, orange, apple and I think there was a little hint of mint in there too. These were topped with a homemade cinnamon and raisin Danish Pastry – which I totally loved despite not thinking I liked cinnamon! I loved this little touch as I’d never had a starter before brunch before!

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After emptying our bowls, we were served our brunch orders. My savoury option was made up from half a slice of brown bread, half a slice of white bread, homemade sweet potato hash brown, mixed baked beans, scrambled tofu, two Vegan sausages, and a portobello mushroom. They weren’t just ordinary beans either, they were a mix match of all different kinds of beans and tasted really quite healthy compared to your used tinned baked beans! Kitty, who is gluten free, was also able to eat the sausages which great! For me the highlight was the sweet potato hash brown as I am a big fan of sweet potatoes and I’ve never seen it used this way before!

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The savoury option was a pile of fresh made pancakes, star anise & blueberry compote, and a dollop of soya yoghurt. These were also gluten free so Kitty didn’t miss out! Both portions of these were completely devoured so that’s always a good sign right?!

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The venue itself was a quirky little warehouse-style building which is totally typical of its location, and with a decent outside area dogs are welcome too! There’s tonnes of street art all around and lots of people around that have awesome dress sense so it’s a great place to people watch too! The staff were beyond lovely too!

Thank you to Pesky’s & Love Popups London for organising our trip down to try out some damn fabulous vegan goodies!


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