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Easy Rum Cocktail *

When it comes to rum, I’m quite happy to drink it straight when it tastes as good as Dead Man’s Fingers does. With notes of sweet saffron, sherry, caramel with vanilla and cinnamon, nutmeg and orange there is more than enough flavours to be drunk neat over ice.

Dead Man’s Fingers is made by The Rum & Crab Shack in Cornwall and their little motto for this drink is ‘warms the cockles, stirs the soul and sets you up for whatever the wind blows in’ and I can 100% confirm this does just that. As you take your first sip your warmed from head to toe and filled with delicious flavours.

On the odd occasion, sometimes I like to mix it up and make a super easy cocktail like this 3 ingredient, easy cocktail.

This is for quite a short cocktail, but feel free to top it up and have it last a little longer…

75ml orange juice
75ml pineapple juice
75ml Rum

Simply mix into your glass and garnish with lime if you’re feeling a little fancy!

Another super easy one is before you mix up your rum and coke, to squeeze the juice from a wedge of lime into the glass, then pop the rind of the lime in, and then add in your rum and coke. It gives it a little something more and is one of the easiest ways of changing up a normal drink.

I’ve got a few more easy recipes that I want to try next time we have friends over but I think I may have to invest in another bottle of Dead Man’s Fingers as I think I’ve lost this one to Mike, he took a right shine to it! He’s quite a fan of spiced rum so I was dead chuffed to introduce him to another brand he can have.

What’s your simplest cocktail?

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