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Taking Yoox to America! *

As our Trek America trip is just over two weeks away, the stress has begun to set in. I am writing list after list after list of what I need to do, but it seems that I haven’t got much further than that list writing! We’ve saved up all our spending money, we’ve planned, loosely, what we’d like to do each day, and I’ve even sorted out travelling with the drone for the first time, but what I am going to pack still remains a mystery!

I’m currently on Slimming World and am so close to being half a stone down which means I should, hopefully, have a little more choice from what fits me. I’m going to be doing my best not to buy any more clothes as I have more than enough! In fact, my bedroom at my parents looks like I still live there as I’ve left so many clothes behind!

But, I think there is going to be one exception, stay with me on this, it’s a good one…

Yoox Loves The Reef is a collaboration between Yoox and the lush Australian Brand, We Are Handsome and they have teamed up to save the Barrier Reef.  YOOX launched its project on World Earth Day in an attempt to save the largest living organism on the planet, one of the seven wonders of the World, and that’s a reason to buy from them, right?!

Well, it’s not only that, the range of swimwear designed for the campaign is stunning and I’m sure you can never have too many swimsuits when on a two week holiday! That’s my excuse anyway!

The print fills me with that summery feeling and, for me, that’s a winner as nothing beats that. That feeling of sand between your toes and creating memories! You know it’s going to be of the highest quality and the shapes of the range are all so flattering which is a plus when you’re not 100% happy with how you’re looking. Plus, this photo gives me mermaid vibes and is my favourite colour which I am so all over right now!

So, not only are Yoox X We Are Handsome doing a great thing for the Great Barrier Reef, but as a brand We Are Handsome are WRAP Worldwide certified and have been awarded the gold standard in 12 categories for compliance with laws and workplace regulations, among which prohibition of Forced and Child Labor, so they really are passionate about making the work a better place. They aim to construct pieces, such as this stunning range of swimwear, that capture the spirit and emotion of a life filled with movement.

I am all for keeping the Great Barrier Reef as it’s such an important part of our ecosystem so it’s really inspiring to see brands doing their bit to help maintain it. The bleaching and other associated impacts from climate change that are occurring on the Reef aren’t something that should be ignored.

Are you doing your bit to help?

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