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Date Night with Tank & Paddle, Bishopsgate *

Date Night is something we take pretty seriously, we may live together but we’ve got so used to just being around each other that evenings can end up being spent on games or scrolling through social media. It’s not a bad thing as sometimes you need to just do you, but we do like to put in extra effort when it comes to planning a night out so we appreciate the time together more!

Our most recent date night was a Tank & Paddle which is a very short walk from Liverpool Street station so super easy for us to get home from.  Mike originally thought this was an odd choice for date night as he’d not the biggest fan of pizza but I knew this would win him over!

The idea behind Tank & Paddle is to grab a beer and pizza for great value, but with really high-quality products which they have totally nailed.

We did steer away from the ideals with getting a bottle of wine, but we were being fancy, cause, you know, date night and all that! We went for the Villa Maria Sauvignon Blanc which is always our wine of choice so it was really good to see a decent wine on a menu that’s more tailored to beer drinkers!

I went a little crazy when ordering the food and grabbed a nibble plate of Pizza Crackers with Mango Chutney. Pizza Crackers are pieces of thin, crispy pizza dough that you pick your dip to smother them in. I’m a sucker for Mango Chutney so thought we’d give it a go and it went so well! A few dishes of these with a few different sauces would be the perfect snacks for a night out with friends.

Being the total meat fiend that I am, I ordered the ‘Meat Your Match’ Pizza that comes covered in Pepperoni, Spicy Beef, Smoked Bacon and Chicken, which was so bloody good. The flavours all went so well together and nothing overpowered the pizza so that’s a win from me.

Mike went in for ‘The Chick Flick’ with Cajun Chicken, Peppadew Peppers, Spinach and Red Onion. He was won over, my job there was done! He loved how the pizza wasn’t dripping in cheese that took away from the flavours. He also loved how thin crispy the base was so that didn’t leave you feeling stoggy and full to the brim after. We were left feeling happy full!

One thing we really loved about Tank & Paddle was the games on the tables, we thought it’s a great idea for a first date in case you get a little stuck on what to say. We obviously had to join in after dinner and like the children we are, we chose Operation!

I was in total shock to find out that Mike had never played this before, so we ordered a couple more drinks and got fully stuck in!

I felt like I couldn’t go to Tank & Paddle without having a beer so I went for the ‘Elvis Juice’ from Brewdog which I chose purely on the name. I’m super glad I did at it was really good and certainly something I will be picking up again next time I see it in a bar.

As Mike isn’t a beer drinker he went for The Wild Beer Co’s Millionaire Stout that actually tasted like a dessert due to the chocolate and salted caramel in it! I’m not a stout fan and even I liked it!

We had such a great evening with fantastic serivce, a new found pizza fan and a really nice atmosphere! Mike is looking to take the lads there for their Christmas night out and to try the Shuffleboard upstairs!

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