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Improving my Wellness with #MiraMoments *

Sometimes it feels like we never stop; we have plans every weekend, we have plans during the week and when we do have free time we’re producing content for the blog and YouTube. It feels never ending but we love it. I don’t think we’d have it any other way.

But sometimes it’s nice to just switch off, zone out and focus on you as a person and you’re wellbeing. This is where the lovely team at Mira Showers step in and made me realise I need to take a little more time out for myself so that’s exactly what I did.

So Mira Showers are a pretty lush shower company from Italy that produce a vast array of showers but I’m here to focus on the Switch Design and how that contributed to my night off!

I took 3 easy tips to totally chill out, focus on me and recharge! And here’s what I did.

Set the ambiance

I knew that making the bathroom a little less bright and less of a ‘getting ready’ space, I could really chill out there. By lighting every candle we own and finding a surface to put it on the bathroom really helped. I also turned the heating on and popped my dressing gown over the radiator so it was  nice and toasty when I got out; that’s a firm winter favourite of mine. I also decluttered the room to so I’d spend less time worrying about the mess and wasn’t worrying about the candles being too much of a fire hazard. For me, candles really chill me out, so maybe find something for you that does the same so you really stop thinking about everything else!

Treat Yourself

I was treated to a lush new Switch showerhead which I felt was long overdue and something I’d never quite got round to doing myself. The Switch design was launched in 2016 with a dermatological accreditation from the Skin Health Alliance which makes it perfect for people with super sensitive skin like mine. The showerhead was designed for improved water coverage and comfortable handling which I can confirm for both of those aspects. The Switch is where the showerhead can switch super seamlessly with the ‘switch’ of a button on the showerhead into four different settings; Saturate; a fully drenching spray, Stimulate; a concentrated energising spray, Soothe; a soft spray for sensitive skin and Soak; a fine soaking water spray. I used the Saturate setting for washing my hair and the soothe for a relaxing shower once I’d sorted my hair out.

I was also treated to the lush new dressing gown that was warming on the radiator.

Pamper Yourself

I set up my MIra Bluetooth speaker that Iron & Wine playing quietly through, just loud enough to drown Mike out in the other room and just quiet enough to not distract me too much. I washed my hair and pampered my roots and tips with a luxurious Bright Teal Deep Conditioning Treatment to make sure my hair colour stays on point and ensures my hair is feeling soft and filled with moisture.

I exfoliated. I scrubbed. I sang. I shaved. I chilled.

After stepping out of the shower and into my super warm dressing gown, I pampered my face with a cleanse, face mask and moisturise. And when I was dry I moisturised the rest of me, and flounced around in my mermaid onesie feeling great!

Thank you, Mira Showers, for giving me the wake-up call I needed to have my own #MiraMoment and taking the time out I really needed!

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