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The Tech I took on Trek; Part One! *

I took a decent amount of techy items away with us on our Trek America and thought I’d share a few of my favourites with you over the space of a few posts!

Three Mobile and the iPhone 7 Plus

When it comes to using your mobile phone abroad, I was shocked at how bad EE were are trying to organise a plan for me to use. They were having issues with the fact that I was moving around America and not staying in one of their pricing band areas. All I wanted was to use my phone as I would at home without ridiculous costs, without lots of phone calls to my provider and without having to put in loads of effort to get the right plan put in place.

Queue the entrance of Three Mobile and their ‘Go Roam’ plan, where they think, on holiday, you should be able to top up your tan and your Instagram at the same time without costing the Earth. So when you get a Three contract you’re all set up to roam in over 60 countries including USA, Australia, France, Spain, Brazil and Singapore using your normal monthly data, texts and calls at no extra cost. Genius right?!

So I grabbed myself a beautiful iPhone 7 Plus and a Three SIM card to make sure my trip wasn’t ruined by looking for WiFi all the time. Yes, I know I’m on holiday and it’s good to switch off but I was looking after the Trek America Instagram Stories so people could trek along with us and I really wanted to make it happen in real time! I simply popped the SIM card into the phone, switched off aeroplane mode after landing in New York and I was ready to ‘feel at home’ with my phone data usage.

I had 3G basically the whole trip, which was really impressive, even along the Massanutten Trail where we stopped up in the mountains to take in the sights. I could freely update the Trek followers, and my own, of the incredible sights I was seeing and make the most of being in that location. It also let me video call one of my close buddies from the doors of Graceland so she could witness it herself, I’m not sure she got much sense out of me as I was so excited but it’s the thought that counts right?!

With being able to use my calls out in the US too, it meant I was able to keep in contact with home when I wanted. I did the odd video call but sometimes it’s just nice to have a chat with your parents when you’re away for a while. I wanted to update them of all the amazing things I’d done so I didn’t forget anything! I also called my Nan from Graceland to gloat a little!

The iPhone 7 Plus was a dream to use too and I did fall in love with it a little. I was worried it’d be too big for everyday life but the size of the screen really won me over. The camera was incredible, so much so that I left my FujiFilm X70 in my bag and shot all my photos on the iPhone; that was certainly not something I had expected to happen.

Using Three and the iPhone 7 Plus has got me wishing away the next few months so I can end my contract with EE and head on over to Three and get myself a new phone!

Next time, I will be talking about my Joby GripTight POV Kit with Bluetooth Shutter and the San Disc card that got us through 14 days of video shooting, droning and over 700 clips!

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  2. Laura says:

    I didn’t realise Three did this plan-having worked with some of the other networks (Vodafone, O2 and EE) and seen how expensive America can be on their plans, I’ll so be looking at moving to Three before I go anywhere exotic!


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