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PitPat Dog Activity Tracker *

At my parents, I have two wonderful little monsters that run circles round you, give you undying love and occasionally try to put toys in your mouth as a sign of let’s play. Yes, I’m talking about Chess & Chungy, the dogs! I often wondered if one of them was more active than the other, and it turns out Chess is! How did you find this out?! I hear you ask…

We used a PitPat Activity Tracker to see what they got up to during the day! PitPat takes your dog’s age, weight and breed and calculates a recommended daily exercise goal in minutes. So we told it our pooches are five years old, weigh around 20 kilos, and that they are Staffordshire Bull Terriers.

PitPat then uses a three-axis accelerometer then captures your dog’s motion and it’s advanced ‘dogorithms’ translate it into walking, running, playing and resting, a lot like my Apple iWatch does, or even a Fitbit.

70 minutes sounds like a hell of a lot but they often chase each other around the garden, around the house, in fact, anywhere they can play. So did they manage to rack that up in a day? You’ll have to head over to their Instagram to find out more.

More Than have put together some interesting stats about owners and their dogs. For example, did you know that 39% of owners have started to exercise more thanks to their dog. Almost half of people surveyed said, like their dogs they prefer being outdoors too.

I do spend a lot of time chatting to Chess & Chungy about food, asking them to find their toys and to find Mike! I can’t help but chatter to them when I’m with them. Especially when I’m home alone with them. I have learned that they don’t enjoy my singing, but then again, not many do!

More Than also offer Doggyssentials subscription service from £50 a month and your monthly membership includes Healthy food, Monthly treats, dental chews (or dental toy) & poo bags, periodic preventative treatments for ticks and fleas,A toy or accessory that alternate each month, Pet activity tracker like my PitPat for the first month only, Plus you get Premier Lifetime Pet Insurance with that too. Quite a decent deal if you ask me!

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