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TeamSport, The Stig & My Need for Speed *

Last week Mike and I headed down to the new TeamSport Go Karting arena that has just opened up in Basildon. I’ve been go karting a few times but nothing in the past, maybe, five years as I can struggle with the vibrations from the kart on the tarmac so it tends to put me off a little. So, what made me suit up, don a helmet and get back out on track?

The fact that TeamSport Go Karting is indoors with not an inch of tarmac in sight! I mean, there’s some in the car park but that’s about it.

So TeamSport Basildon is a brand-new £1.2 million indoor track and it’s now open for anyone hunting for a dose of racing thrills, great fun and as is a great way to let out their competitive streak. With the track being built over two levels it’s means there are a couple of ramps, drift-worthy cornering and long straights that let you really get your pedal to the metal! The course is the racing venue that TeamSport own and it can hold up to 16 karters who are ready to see who races best!

Between races, there are some great facilities like a licenced bar for fueling yourself up on drinks and tasty food. There’s also a large spectator area where you can watch the racers speed around the top level. And if mixing business with pleasure floats your boat then there’s conference rooms for meetings and then the track to really battle it out on. They sound like the kind of meetings I could get involved with!

To make our evening a little bit more special The Original Stig, Perry McCarthy, was there to give us some hints and tips. I mean, I’m not one to usually brag, but, I’m gonna have to here… I BEAT THE STIG AROUND THE TRACK.

Ok, maybe not in a one on one but my fastest lap time was quicker than his so I’m keeping to my original story. I totally bought home the lap time print out sheets we got given just in case I ever need to prove it to anyone! I did also take photos of the lap times on the screen so I’ve got the proof on my phone too. Not that I’m too excited about it or anything!

I may have beaten The Stig round the track, not sure if I’ve mentioned that already?! But there were two chaps that I couldn’t quite beat…

Mike and Vince beat me round on more than one occasion so I left with the bronze trophy. I was merely there to do it for the girls and prove we’re not a bad of drivers as people make out we are. This girl has skillz mate.

The whole experience from TeamSport was so much fun. On arrival, you suit up and are greeted by a host who takes you through the safety briefing and escorts you out on the track when it’s your turn to race. They’ll even help do up your helmet if you ask nicely! I think this is such a nice touch as it keeps you in check, makes sure you don’t miss any races and they are always on hand to help.

If you’re thinking about racing your mates then I can’t recommend TeamSport enough! If 8 or more of you book then you get exclusive hire of the track and there are so many offers on the site, such as 45 mins for the price of 30 mins on a Friday and Saturday night, so be sure to check before you visit. Pre-booking is recommended.

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