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Incorporating Boutique Hotel Décor into Your Interiors *

Being able to travel the world and experience new places is amazing, but for many people it’s the hotel room that is one of the most exciting parts. There’s something special about a good hotel room, from the beautiful décor, to the memorable extras such as Molton Brown hand wash and Neom candles. When you find the perfect hotel room, you often find yourself not wanting to leave, but imagine how amazing it would be to incorporate those special touches into your own home. Here’s a selection of simple ways for you to add a boutique hotel feel to your home, making it the perfect place for both you and your guests.

Bold Bedroom Features
The moment you walk into a room your eyes are drawn to the boldest features, whether that’s a stunning headboard on the bed, some striking artwork or even some extravagant curtains, so you want to think about how your bedroom is going to pop. When it comes to boutique hotels, you often find that the details are chic and restrained, with only a few bold touches to really bring the room to life. You don’t want to overdo it and create a space that feels cramped and messy. From positioning the bed in the centre of the room, to having glamorous seating in the corner for added detail, there are lots of ways in which you can give your bedroom that hotel-feel.

Fresh Bathroom Ideas
I don’t know about you, but for me the bathroom is just as important as the bedroom in a hotel. You want to be welcomed with a clean, fresh bathroom that has been designed to the highest quality. The main features you expect of a hotel bathroom are a huge mirror, sinks with plenty of surrounding space, exciting hand wash and of course, soft towels. If you include some of these features into your own bathroom décor then you can guarantee, you’ll have the best boutique-inspired bathroom in the neighbourhood. A great way to add some hotel-like details to your main or guest bathrooms is certainly to have some scented candles, a nice hand wash and some delicate room spray to really add to the overall look and feel of
the room.

Warm and Welcoming Feels
It doesn’t matter what room you’re decorating, in order to make it feel like a hotel you need to ensure it’s as warm and welcoming as possible. Warm interiors are created with cosy, thick materials used for the cushions, curtains, bedding and other decorative touches, as well as controlled heating to keep the rooms at a comfortable temperature through the day. The last thing you want is for you or your guests to be cold and uncomfortable. Similarly, to really capture that warm, homely feel you could look at introducing some rustic oak furniture to the room. There’s something about rustic décor that brings that warm, cosy feel through the aesthetics alone, so it’s perfect for a hotel-inspired décor style. From bold rustic oak bed
frames, to chic rustic oak sideboards, you can incorporate them into your home in different ways to create a fresh new look.

Boutique-Inspired Details
There are certain features that stand out to you when you’ve stayed in a boutique hotel, such as the delicate candle fragrances, fresh flower displays and selection of classic books that add to the overall look of the room. By adding some of these simple touches to your interiors, you’ll instantly notice a lift in the atmosphere and a sudden touch of elegance to the room. Fresh flowers are perfect for brightening the room, with scented candles to create a signature scent and books to bring the class to the décor. This is also the perfect way to bring your own personal style and interests into the décor, making your home as homely and welcoming as possible.

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