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Is your Car Ready for your Summer Road Trips and Daily Drives? *

We all know that checking our car for winter is a big must, and I’ve even covered what to look out for on this site but a lot of people forget to check their cars before heading out in the sunshine as they don’t think their car needs as much attention in summer! Well, you are wrong! Cars need attention all year round, especially after the temperature change from winter to summer. I have a few checks that I always do before we take the car out for any drive that’s going to be more than a couple of hours so we hopefully don’t get caught out!

Check Your Brakes

Brake pads can often suffer greatly when there are massive temperature changes such as dealing with snow or deep puddles in the winter to warm temperatures in the summer months. Removing your wheels often helps with a brake inspection but only do this if you’re feeling confident enough to fit the wheel back on the car after. You don’t need to remove your brake pads, but make sure you check them for significant wear and cracking; make sure that the edges aren’t crumbling or discoloured and that there is no significant cracking. If you see anything that’s not quite right you’ll need to call your mechanic to ensure your car is safe to drive.

Change Your Windshield Wipers

Like most rubber products, your windshield wipers are usually designed to work best within a specific temperature range. Blades that work best in the warm weather are more flexible and efficient but often less durable from those designed for winter. Most wipers will have to work really hard in the winter as we tend to get more rain and ice buildup so they are probably a little worn out by summertime. Greater visibility means you’re safer on the roads!

Check Your Tyres

Your tyres are the single most important part of your car that you can check over and assess yourself.  A worn or underinflated set of tyres can really play a huge part in your handling and braking and can even lead to tyre blow-outs when driving at speed. If you use all-season tyres, which most of us will be using, ensure you check for bubbles in the sidewalls, uneven wear and tear, or visible wear bars. If you see any of these showing then replace the tyre. While you’re at it, make sure that your spare tyre is properly inflated if you have one, just in case!

Check Under the Bonnet

Even if you’re not great with cars there are plenty of under the bonnets checks you can still do for yourself, such as checking your oil, checking your coolant, checking your brake fluid and ensuring your power steering fluid is topped up. Doing these checks are super easy as your oil is fining the car’s dipstick and then check the level and colour of the oil to ensure it’s normal and topped up. Your coolant tank should be full as should your brake fluid, if they’re not, just top them up.

Check Your MOT Due Date

Always make sure your MOT is fully up to date and your car has passed. Some garages won’t ring to remind you when your next one is due so be sure to keep note. If you do need yours doing, then there’s hassle-free booking of MOT Test is available at KAP Motor Group.

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