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What Makes Manchester the Top Destination for a Stag Do? *

Well, while planning a stag do you first look up to the big, flashy cities that will give you an assurance of an extravagant nightlife and equally engaging daytime activities. Manchester, in all ways, ticks the checkbox for both of them. The city is famous for its massive clubbing possibilities, and the city has got enough other locations to keep the stag group engrossed for a good long weekend! If you plan your trip well, you can also be a part of some of the most happening festivals of the world like the Manchester International Festival that is held in July, the Fringe Festival Comedy in July as well or the Manchester Comedy Festival in November.

Here are some more reasons as to why you must choose Manchester as your stag do destination.

Best Activities in the City

Escape rooms
If you are ready to go for the ultimate test of your nerves and test how cool you may remain under pressure, then you must be up for the escape room challenge. The escape rooms have various themes that will test your patience accordingly. This is possibly one of the most terrifying yet amusing activities that are offered in the city. You will remember that one hour in the locked room all your life!

Bubble football
Undoubtedly, bubble football is one of the most entertaining Stag activities in Manchester that you guys can have during the stag weekend. Even if you were an ace during school in football, while being in the plastic orb, you would struggle to keep each step steady. This game will surely make your entire lot burst into laughter as soon as you set your feet in the playing area. In Manchester, the activity venue is towards the centre of the city making it a convenient location.

Clay shooting
Want to give the best shot of your stag weekend to have fun, you must rather try your hands at the clay shooting events that the Manchester city offers. Manchester has some of the best clay shooting grounds in the country so why not utilise them. This activity is most suited on the day of the grand stag party night when you know the next day is going to begin with a solid hangover. You will be demonstrated how to use the gun and how to shoot the best aim!

Nightlife and Fun

Manchester’s nightlife gives you all the possible opportunities to have the craziest stag party ever. From the fancy casinos in the city to squander your money, to lap dancing clubs, and fantastic bars, Manchester has it all. Some of the best bars in the city are ‘the Living Room’, ‘the Liar’s Club’ and the ‘Black Dog Ballroom’. These bars not only offer some of the finest liquor available in the world but also offer delicious food to satiate your hunger along with an amazing ambiance. The city offers a diverse nightlife owing to its wonderful music scene with live music performances in its splendid pubs. Manchester is also host to some of the most famous comedy night shows. You might as well organise for a comedy roast of the groom itself! It will be an amazing way to give his singlehood a send-off!

If you are planning a magnificent stag do for your best buddy, then Manchester must be among the favourites. The amazing nightlife of the city, the plethora of activities available in the city and of course, the best of the bars, makes the city one of the hottest stag do destination. The city has everything that will make this trip the most memorable one for your best boy before he enters into a new phase of life.

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