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Four Benefits of Student Accommodation When Planning to Travel After Uni *

Student accommodation comes in many different shapes and forms. However, one standard is that it tends to be far more affordable than trying to find a place alone in an unfamiliar town or city. Also, there are often features or facilities provided that suit students more than they would an older couple.

Here are four benefits of student accommodation when you’re planning to go travelling after Uni.

Learning to Share Accommodation

When you live at home, usually you have your own bedroom. You may have shared a bedroom with a younger brother previously, but probably you’ve had a room to yourself for a while. Not all student accommodation provides your own bedroom. You may be back to sharing. Certainly, you’ll have communal kitchens used by other students to prepare meals on those days when not eating out.

Modern student accommodation like the Almero Student Mansions for those students who want to live in luxury tend to be more spacious than what was available a generation ago. But sharing amicably is still a necessary part of student life.

Travel Tip: Staying in hostels, you’ll often stay in cramped dorms which will make past student digs feel luxurious by comparison.

Learning to Budget Well

When food shopping at the supermarket or bravely venturing towards the fruit and veg stall, you need to remember what your food budget is for the week. For many students, having to budget what they spend using money from a student loan or part-time work is a valuable experience that they’re dealing with for the first time. There are many firsts for a University student and at least some are applicable to travelling later.

Travel Tip: Budget travel only lasts if your money does. Learning to stretch the pennies means longer trips and few financially worries along the way.

Learning to Get Along in a Group Setting

At school, students have their cliché groups. When moving up to University and in later life, it’s useful to learn how to get along with everyone. While Almero Student Mansions are spacious enough to enjoy some personal space, not every situation will be like this. When studying, some group study projects will require you to work with other students whether you personally like them or not. The same goes for working any kind of job where you often work side-by-side with some co-workers whom you dislike but have to tolerate.

Travel Tip: You will meet people from every walk of life and place imaginable when travelling – especially abroad – so learning to get along well with everyone is a useful skill. Finding the positive in people, rather than looking for ways to be critical of them, is a good way to first approach this.

Learning to Embrace New Cities

Moving to a new city (or town) to attend university is a daunting prospect if you’re less outgoing or shy. However, it’s invaluable to stretch out of your comfort zone and discover that you will survive relocating and learning to get to grips with a new place. Use the internet to research the area, the places to hang out, the local shopping centre, and transportation options before arriving.

Travel Tip: Seeing new places and dealing with daily confusion without panicking is all part of travelling widely and well.

Planning to travel in the UK or abroad after university is a great idea. It stretches the mind and broadens your life experience before heading into working life. Backpackers typically make sacrifices in various areas to make their money last. This includes choosing less than optimal accommodation and skipping tourist traps that offer little real novelty. Doing so keeps you travelling longer. Student life in many ways is good preparation for that too.

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