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The Pros and Cons of Installing a Tyre Carrier on Your Jeep *

Jeeps are made to take trails with ease and overcome backwoods obstacles and upgrading your tyres to 33-inches or larger can take your wheeling even farther. Rocks and debris make having a spare tyre a total essential when off-roading as you don’t want to get stuck in the backcountry. Thanks to innovative designs and new materials, the oversized spare tyre doesn’t need to sit in the back. Although carriers mounted to Jeep bumpers free up interior storage, there are other considerations, so here are some pros and cons of rear tyre carriers.


Jeep Wrangler tailgates have an inner and outer shell, where they are spot welded along the top, bottom and when using bumper carriers, the weight of the tyre carriers eventually pops the welds, which can damage the tailgate.

Over time, the swing arm hinges begin to sag, so thhe tailgate needs to lifted when opening and closing.

Swing arm carriers require drilling into the frame so in most cases, you’ll also lose the rear tow hook.

They can block a large percentage of the viewable area out the back.

The weight of an oversized tyre puts stress on factory rear truck shocks.


Rear-mounted tyres don’t affect the aerodynamic performance of the rig, like a roof mount.

The adjustable arms eliminate tailgate sag.

They can be frame mounted, reducing stress on the body and bumper.

Aftermarket bumper mounted carriers are available with hi-lift jacks, storage for jerry cans and CB antenna mounts.

Tub mounted carriers can fit tyres up to a huge 37-inches.

Easy to access in most conditions. carries a vast selection of tire and wheel packages, lift kits and accessories to customize your rig. Visit the site and check out the quality parts from top manufacturers.  Whether you want to beef up your shocks or give your ride a more muscular look with running boards, winches and light bars, they have parts you need at the best online price.

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  1. Jim says:

    Good read. The carrier is great to use, especially for spare tyres. I’m currently looking for a jeep lift kit. Will also check in the website you recommended

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