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How to Care for Your Car Tyres in Hotter Temperatures *

*This is a collaborative post.
With all this crazy heat we have going on right now, it’s not only ourselves we need to look after in summer! Nope, our car’s tyres are usually taken for granted and during the summer, tyre care is very important. We’ve had a really cold, snowy start to the year which takes it toll on our tyres and then to go into this heatwave with the same tyres, it’s a lot of stress for them. In fact, a good few years back when I first got a car, we had similar weather and I had to get a couple of new tyres as the weather led to the rubber cracking! It was an expense I wasn’t prepared for so use these few easy tips to ensure you don’t end up with an unexpected cost!

Make sure you check the pressure of all car tyres, if it is not optimum, it can cause tyres to burst! This means if there’s too little air, or too much air, it works both ways. Your car will always come with a document or sticker that shows the optimum air. In my Audi, it was in the petrol cap and depended on how many people and what was in your boot, but it tended to be about 35psi, in Mike’s Corsa it tends to be around 30psi so ensure you check and don’t over-inflate your tyres!
If you are driving with bad tyres then it can really slow down your car’s efficiency, and by that I mean you will be using more fuel which comes at a cost as petrol is getting more and more expensive, and your brakes can also suffer. You really don’t want to have to be replacing your brakes over a dodgy tyre as the cost of replacing that tyre is far less than those brakes!
There can also be a risk if you’re not using the most suitable car tyres for your needs, for example, there are winter, summer tyres, budget tyres and premium tyres. If you’re going to be doing a lot of wet and snowy winter driving then it may be worth looking into winter tyres, and the same for if you’re doing the opposite with summer tyres. If you’re a hardcore driver then premium tyres are best for you as they will stand the wear and tear longer then budget tyres. When I first got my Audi, it came with almost brand new Pirelli tyres that lasted me a good 5 and a half years as I’m not much of a distance driver so when it came to replacing them I went for something a little cheaper to suit my driving habits, you can get your cheap tyres, here from DAT Tyres.
Before you drive anywhere, whether it’s winter or summer, ensure you check your tyres. If your tyres don’t have a proper tread it means the vehicle can encounter an accident or slip when the road is wet & this can be an issue when you have to call in Roadside Assistance and it hinders your journey!
How often do you check your tyres?
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