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Schoolies on the Gold Coast – A Safe Week of Ultimate Relaxation

The last week of November in Australia is one of the most anticipated and awaited time of the year for every student ending their 12th year of school. After surviving a hectic year preparing for and taking finals, researching universities and finishing up various school-related activities, students look forward to sunny days, beaches and relaxation with cooling drinks and their friends.

This week of anticipated fun is called the Schoolies week where school-leaving students head out to local and international locations with friends. For the entire year, they wait for this week to let loose, have fun and release some of the stress and tension that the school year wrought on them.

One of the most visited places during the schoolies week is the Gold Coast. Every year, thousands of school-leaving students gather at the idealistic beaches of the Gold Coast to have themselves a week full of endless fun and celebration. The coast is thriving with nightclubs and pubs for party enthusiasts to dance their hearts out. As for de-stressing and relaxation, you will find students lining the white sands. Some will be catching the sun with their friends while other engage in an exciting game of volleyball or take their chances on a surfboard.

Either way, they will be having the time of their lives, making unforgettable memories with their mates. As soon as November starts getting close, students flock to make arrangements and book their schoolies week with companies like Sure Thing Travel, which ensures a safe and unforgettable trip.

But one of the most apparent concerns of the students themselves and their parents is for their safety on the trip. For many students, schoolies week is the very first trip that they take by themselves. This way they make sure of the safety of their destination and ensure if it is student friendly.

Over the years the Gold Coast has improved local security so students can have an enjoyable and week of celebrations with their friends without constantly worrying about their security.

Schoolies Identification and Wristbands

Schoolies party-goers are issued wristbands and photo IDs that provide a proof of a genuine school-leaver status. This way the locals would know who they are and the purpose of their visit to the Gold Coast. Local pub bouncers, patrons and hosts will only allow them to have access to events hosted by the government. This will ensure that students don’t enter into places that are not appropriate for them.

Increased Security

As schoolies week brings a chunk of newly 18-year-olds on an exciting trip, local hotels, accommodations, pubs and other places increase their security measures. Some places add more security personnel to their premises. Besides that, the local police force becomes super-active and reacts promptly to any suspicious activity to ensure that no student is involved in any illegal activity.

Along with the Gold Coast making safety preparations to welcome the schoolies week, the travel agency also takes some precautions. They book accommodations in hotels that are vetted for being student-friendly in locations with no sketchy activity. Also, they provide a detailed informative session on how to look out for yourself and your friends once you’ve reached the location. With a little bit of personal accountability and safety measures in place, the Gold Coast has become one of the safest locations for schoolies week.

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