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7 Things to Do in New York with Your Child *

For your next holiday plan, a trip to New York City. If you are wondering what you can do with your child at a financial capital the list is limitless. New York City has something for everybody to enjoy.

Go to Food Tours

Tours can be boring for children with all the traffic and crowds. But New York has tours that you can enjoy with your child. Famous pizzerias of New York are visited during the pizza tours. Cupcake tours of Greenwich Village will tingle your child’s sweet tooth. Brooklyn chocolate tours are sure to delight your whole family. There are many more food tours that you can take your family on.

Fly Over the City

A unique experience for your child will be enjoying amazing airport helicopter tours of New York. Your child will not get bored during airport helicopter tours since they are quite short. While being short, airport helicopter tours are highly fascinating. Your family will get an aerial view of most parts of the city depending on the package you book. Airport helicopter tours are very safe, so you do not have to worry about falling out of the sky.

Visit the Zoos

New York City has a bunch of zoos that you can visit with your animal-loving child.

Bronx Zoo
Central Park Zoo
Buffalo Zoo
Prospect Park Zoo
Queens Zoo
Staten Island Zoo

These are only a few of the list of New York Zoos that your family can visit. Apart from zoos, there are aquariums and botanical gardens where your family can enjoy the company of animals.

Park Your Family at a Park

There are multiple parks around New York. While manmade structures dominate the city, there are small pockets of greenery. The largest of these small green islands is Central Park. Central Park is such a large area with so much to do that your family can easily spend an entire day and evening at the park without a moment of boredom.

Take a Ferry Ride

Ferry rides are nostalgic ways of getting from one place to another. Many ferry rides allow you to tour the waterways and view the skyline of New York. You can book a ride on these ferries with your family and enjoy an evening of sightseeing.

Be Carefree at Coney Island

Coney Island has drawn in crowds since the 1880s. The amusement park at Coney Island has some iconic rides that your child will make memories on. Apart from the amusement park, you can enjoy visiting the aquarium and beach where crowds flock during sunny weekends.

Go to Iconic Structures

Your child might not be very interested in visiting historic buildings, but there are a few iconic structures that you must visit. The Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, the National September 11 Memorial and the Brooklyn Bridge are a few of the many locations where you must take your child so that they have memories of New York forever.

New York city can be fun for your whole family if you plan your activities well.

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