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Dinner Time Treats with Tom, Dick & Harry’s In Loughton, Essex *

We all know how much of an Essex advocate I am so when it comes to trying restaurants in the area, you know I’m always down for it! As the title may suggest, I didn’t get to dine with three men in Loughton, however, the venue of my dinner time treats was called Tom, Dick & Harry’s. Rest assured my date for the evening was, of course, Mike!

Tom, Dick & Harry’s

Tom, Dick & Harry’s is a stylish new restaurant, that looks a lot like we’d chosen the decor ourselves, in the heart of Loughton High Street.  The restaurants comes with oodles of quirky quips that really make it stand out from the rest such as their modern small plates known affectionately as Nibbleinis, quite simply the biggest selection of the palest Provence rosés I have ever witnessed outside a vineyard, a build-your-own Bloody Mary bar, live music of a weekend, and the Sunday Roast Club that I am booking in for as soon as I’m done writing here.

The Wine

After much deliberation, we decided to order a bottle of the 2017 El Abasto’s Malbec Bonarda from Argentina. It was the perfect accompaniment to all we ordered and it was great to try something new!

The Food

We kicked off our meal with a few Nibbleinis that went down a right treat. I wasn’t lying when I said there were treats involved! Our first Nibbleini of dreams was the Fried crisp Cornish squid, smoked chili, salt and pepper, with a lime wedge. We devoured these pretty darn quickly! The squid was well cooked, not at all chewy and the other flavours were balanced really well.

My favourite of the Nibbleinis we ordered was the Chargrilled prawns, chilli, garlic butter and herb aioli. I have to say, these could have been some of the best prawns I’ve ever eaten! They were served so I didn’t have to peel them myself and were the chunkiest prawns I’ve set eyes on. The marinade was great as it’s wasn’t too oily or greasy! I’d go back just for these!

Our last Nibbleini was a great balance to the spicier other dishes. We had the British burrata, pine nuts, served with salsa verde and rocket which I loved! The flavours together worked so well and brought an air of cool to the spiciness already on the table. I could so have this as a starter again and again.

When it came to ordering the main course, I wanted to try at least 4 of the menu items so I asked our lovely waitress what the best seller was, and to my delight it was Tom’s burger! Made with a beef patty that was topped with caramelized onion, smoked bacon, rocket, Cheddar cheese and truffle mayo. And, of course, a side of fries! This was dreamy as dreamy does! The bacon was candied, the patty melted in your mouth and there was just the right amount of truffle to not overpower the rest!

Mike went for the Cornish Plaice served with broccoli, parsley and caper butter which he really enjoyed. The piece of plaice was huge and really good quality fish so that was a total win. Fish can often be quite a light meal but this left Mike feeling full to the brim.

Ok, well not full enough to miss out on a dessert though, cuz who would do that!?

Mike went for the Dark chocolate mousse topped with candied peanuts and a scoop of peanut butter ice cream. Oh gosh, he so enjoyed that. It was a fairly light dessert so he was very happy with his choice.

I, of course, went all out and am so glad I ordered the Dropped ice cream with Oreo ice cream as when it arrived it was in a black cone. The little goth in me was so bloody happy! It tasted as good as it looked too.

We had such an awesome evening with incredible service, a parking space right outside and very happy tummies! If you’re ever around Loughton I’d make this your first stop as there wasn’t a fault all evening and we can’t wait to return.

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  1. This all looks so good, especially the goth ice cream!

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