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Beastly Burgers and Loaded Fried at Slap & Pickle, Leeds *

Last times I was up in Leeds in July, I paid a little visit to the Trinity Centre’s Trinity Kitchen to try out some of the goodies from The Luxury Diner who are actually the team behind Slap & Pickle. So when I was in Leeds in early December, I obviously had to go and visit Slap & Pickle at their new permanent, yes you read right, they have a permanent home at the new and very wonderful Assembly Underground on Great George Street.

Assembly Underground opened at the end of November to bring street food and craft beer to the heart of Leeds city centre in a really fun venue that will offer a rolling programme of live events. The fully-refurbished underground space offers 200 seats, 50 beer taps, 6 kitchens, 2 bars that include a Vocation Brewery from Hebden Bridge, Slap & Pickle, Felafel Guy, and street curry specialist Jah Jyot.

Slap & Pickle are all about big flavour, high quality, and bloody good customer service. And being quite frank; they have it more than nailed. Like, I’m actually glad they’re up in Leeds or I’d be there all the time if they were in London and as you’re about to see from my photos, it’s far from Slimming World friendly.

As this trip was with my favourite ladies, Lizi, Hayley and Kariss, we went in for some hardcore sharing and we shocked ourselves when all plates were left empty.

Ok, so I lied when I said our plates were left empty. Our sharing chip portion was served on a tray, so or tray was left empty! We opted for Loaded Fries topped with beef chipotle chilli, homemade cheese sauce, pickles, pickled pink onions, crushed corn chips, hot sauce and sour cream. If dreams were made of chips, then these are them.

One thing I do love about the chips are that they are shaped to be able to scoop up the toppings so nothing goes to waste and it means the chips that don’t have toppings on can be used to scoop away so no chip gets left behind!

We then we all out with the biggest burger I have ever seen; four beef patties, plenty of cheese and bacon and perfect for Instagram!

Just look at that beast! Officially it’s known as the Double Double Trouble burger which is pretty accurate. Rumour has that some people have came, saw, eaten and conquered these alone, but us ladies shared one between the four of us. It was actually just the right amount of food for us with having such an epic portion of chips.

The meat that they use at Slap & Pickle is always of the best quality and the burger patties are no exception. Even down to the bacon bits on the loaded fries, it’s just proper good stuff!

And in the process of writing this I have found out that the lovely James and Zoe of Slap & Pickle do catering. I mean, they’ve just gone top of my wedding food list for when the time comes!

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