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Five Reasons to Stay in the UK for Your Next Holiday

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Travelling on holiday abroad will always come with that extra sense of adventure, and for many, it will always hold the most appeal. However, there are several great reasons for you to consider ditching the overseas flights and taking your holiday this year right at home in the UK. There are several great destination options to choose from, whether you want an action-packed camping trip, city break, to travel to multiple destinations in a caravan or stay in an idyllic cottage close to a gorgeous beach. It’s entirely possible to have an amazing break right here in the UK; I’ve put together some of the best reasons why.

Save Money

First of all, if you’re looking for a holiday option that’s going to help you save money on your adventures in 2019, staying at home in the UK is a great option. Domestic flights are usually cheaper than travelling abroad but the beauty of staying in the UK is that it’s just as easy to get to where you want to be via train, bus, or even driving your own car. And, since the UK’s decision to leave the EU back in 2016, the cost of overseas holidays have been steadily on the rise. In fact, the Guardian reported that holidays to Eurozone countries now cost a family of four a whopping £250 more, on average.

Less Fuss

Holidays are great fun, but nobody looks forward to the fuss and hassle of getting through airport security, waiting around for their luggage and finding their way from the airport to the hotel. Add that to the possibility of delays and massive charges for food, drink and leisure in the airport, and it’s no surprise that many holidaymakers are stressed out before their trip has even begun. Staying in the UK for your holiday means that there’s no need to deal with all this stress; you can travel at your leisure and there’s no need to worry about updating your passport or printing off your boarding pass. Currency exchange, mobile phone roaming charges and charges for using your credit card will also no longer be a problem if you travel within the UK.

Beautiful Beaches

There’s no denying that for many people, their biggest reason for wanting to take a break outside of the country is to relax on a gorgeous sunny beach somewhere. But, there’s no need to travel overseas to enjoy some great beaches; the UK is home to some spectacular beaches, especially in the South West and popular holiday destination of Cornwall. You can even find holiday cottages by the sea, where you can bask in the stunning views of the beach and enjoy some wonderful English seaside charm during your stay. If this appeals to you, you can check out the website Simply Sea Views where you can browse over three thousand stunning holiday cottages overlooking the sea in the UK and Ireland. You can find your perfect cottage by destination and there’s even a selection of pet-friendly options which are perfect for dog owners.

Bring Your Pet

With that in mind, our next point is that it’s much easier to bring your pet along if you’re travelling within the UK. Since there’s no flying involved, you won’t have to worry about making sure that your pet is authorised to fly, leaving them in the hold for the duration of the flight, and dealing with any quarantine issues once you arrive. Instead, they can drive with you comfortably in the car and you’ll be able to start having fun together from the moment that you arrive.

There are several dog-friendly holiday cottages, caravans, log cabins and bed and breakfasts located all over the UK where dog owners are welcome to stay with their precious pooch. So, you can enjoy your holiday without having the guilt of leaving your furry friend with a pet-sitter.

Plenty of Activities

Going on holiday abroad is a great idea if you like taking part in activities, walking, and sightseeing. But, did you know that all of this is available in the UK too? For such a small island, the UK is home to quite a lot of incredible scenery, which is perfect for anybody who likes to enjoy stunning walking routes – even better if you’ve taken advantage of our earlier point and brought your dog along for the trip too. The Lake District, Peak District, and Snowdonia are just some of the UK’s best destinations for walking.

But, it’s not all about quiet scenic walks! You can ski in the mountains, scuba dive off the coast, skydive, and enjoy many other activities such as horse riding, quad biking, Segway riding, abseiling, and much more right here in the UK. For those who enjoy sightseeing, the UK is filled with plenty of amazing history and culture. City breaks are great if you want to see museums, architecture, and more.

Where will you visit in the UK? I’d love to hear from you in the comments.

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