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What Kind of House are we Hoping to Buy?

I’ve been dreaming of owning my own home ever since I can remember and hopefully, within the next year or so, it will be a dream that becomes a reality. I’m constantly looking at homes that are up for sale to see what is available on the price bracket we are able to afford in the areas that we would like to live in. There are just so many styles of home that are currently on the market right now that we’ve begun to narrow down just what we would like to find in our future home.

For someone that has grown up with a bloody good builder as a dad, I’m not afraid of buying the worst house on the best street that we can afford. There’s so much you can change about home, within reason and occasionally, with planning permission, but you’re not able to change the street you live on without moving!

So what exactly is on our home buying checklist?!

Three Bedrooms

On the top of our list is three bedrooms. We’d obviously have the biggest room as the master bedroom that we will share, but we’d love to have a spare bedroom each! We both have different hobbies so it’d be really nice to have our space to do those in as currently, we share the second bedroom and it can get a bit hectic if we are both in there at the same time working on bits and bobs. I’d love to turn my spare bedroom into a clean, open working space where I can shoot photos, write til my heart is content and have a comfy corner where I can sit and read too. I’m sure Mike’s spare room will have plenty to do with his love of producing music!

Lots of Space

Space may seem an obvious one to have on our list, but we don’t mean space necessarily as big rooms, we’d like to have the land space to build our home into something we want it to be. I’d love a big airy kitchen with an aluminium lantern roof so it can be a place we not only cook in but a place where we can socialise with friends and family. I would love to be able to have breakfast where I can watch the sun come and then have evening drinks where I can see the stars from the comfort of my own home. How dreamy?!


The last few things on our list is that we’d really our future house to be semi-detached. We both grew up in semi-detached homes and we would like to be able to have one of our own. It means less shared walls which are easier when it comes to building works and it also means more privacy too! We’d also like a driveway for our car and for when we have visitors so we don’t have to worry about finding a spot out on the road. Oh, and if I’m being really fussy then I’d love to have a garage too!

What’s on your list for when you next move?

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