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Plan the Ultimate Trip to Asia

This is a collaborative post.

It’s no secret about how much I want to travel to Asia. It’s just got so much history, incredible foods I need to try and I long to learn about their cultures. I’ve spoken on here before about my want to travel to Singapore and Japan this year, but alas with being freelance and wanting to buy a house as soon as we can, my travel plans are on hold a little.

With that being said, it’s not going to stop me stockpiling locations, tours and ideas of what I’d do when I’m there. It’s just a way of having lots of places to book when we have got the money to do so.

So where would I go and what would I do?


I’ve spied some really nice luxury tours of China and who wouldn’t want to travel in luxury! China is a HUGE country and I don’t even think I’d know where to begin on a trip there.

But I’ve been told by many that no first holiday to China is complete without visiting Beijing, I’d want to see the Forbidden City and, of course, wander along the Great Wall of China. I wouldn’t want to miss out on visiting Shanghai either as I’d want to learn about its past. From there I’d want to travel on to Xi’An to explore the incredible Terracotta Warriors as they are something I’ve always wanted to see. I’d want to eat my way through Sichuan province and Chengdu as we all know food is the key to my heart.

If I could cram in time to see the Giant Panda Bear then I would for sure. And you can’t forget a stop in Hong Kong as I’d love to see the famous skyline for myself. To get that little slice of Hong Kong before we manages to travel there, I’ve been loving deliveries from Polly Chan, the ultimate baker of Hong Kong Buns in London! She has such a wide variety of treats on her site!

See so many things to see and do that I’d certainly need help to plan a trip to get the most of it.


I don’t think I know anyone that has been to Cambodia, but ever since seeing Angkor Wat on TV I’ve known that at some point in my life I will make it there. I want to see the intricate carvings up close, I want to see one of the World’s largest Religious for myself, and I want to see the classic style of architecture that made it on their National flag.

There are so many more reasons for me wanting to go to Cambodia; the food is obviously so high on my list! I’ve read about Fish Amok being a rich and creamy curry that is the perfect balance of ginger, lemongrass, turmeric and coconut milk and I’m really into fish curries at the moment as I feel the fish absorbs the flavours so well. I also want to see the Phare Cambodian Circus that use dance, theatre, live music and acrobatics to tell Cambodian folklore stories which sounds like an amazing way to learn about the history.


Vietnam is just such a diverse country that I feel you’d need to dedicate a good two weeks to exploring it. I’d start my exploration in Ho Chi Min City as I’d love to educate myself on its part in the war, see the Notre-Dame Cathedral that’s made entirely from materials from France and visit the many food stalls line the city’s streets, especially around bustling Bến Thành Market so I can try all the foods the country has to offer.

I’d also like to discover the old imperial city of Hue and delightful Hoi An, that I’ve heard so much about, with its cobbled streets and colourful markets. I’d also like to cycle through the Rice Paddies in Mai Chau; can you imagine taking in such incredible sites whilst being able to stop whenever you wanted on your bike and with it being far quicker than on foot! I’d have to have some help when I plan my itinerary for Vietnam to make sure I get to see it all.

Where in Asia would you most like to travel to?

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