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Simple Steps to Creating a Comfortable Space for Your Dog

When you’ve got a pet dog it can be hard to leave home and leave that cute face behind; it can be hard on you both. But the good news is that your dog can manage a few short periods of time alone all well and fine, especially if they have a space set up for them in a ‘dog-friendly’ area. When it is set up for them, then it will be comfortable, safe, and keep them entertained.

It could just be a create that is well-equipped, or even a dedicated room for your dog (a la Mrs Hinch). Whatever you have for your pet, just make sure that you have set it up to keep your dog happy and keep your peace of mind at bay. Here are some ideas to help and inspire.

Keep it Safe

If you are a seasoned dog owner then chances are you will have a good idea about what is or isn’t good or safe for your dog. Your space for them should be made dog-proof, where possible. Here are a few ideas:

Somewhere to Sleep

Dogs can spend about half of the day sleeping, so comfort really counts for them. Making a soft, comfortable, and relaxing bed be the focal point of your dog zone, and you could even get something like memory foam dog beds for the space. Of course, if the space and bed is somewhere like the living room and they can go on your sofas, then they could just use those. If you are using a crate or a separate spare room, then a dog bed can make all the difference to your dog and how comfortable they are.

Space or Room

A dog zone doesn’t have to be a space that is huge. In fact, there are many dogs that would prefer smaller spaces to keep them cosy, so think quiet and comfortable. It can be a good idea to limit how easily your dog can access the rest of the house, just to contain any messes. You can make a dog room out of pretty much any spare space that you have; anything from a laundry room, hallway, spare room, or walk-in-wardrobe could work. If space is really limited where you are, then think about things like stair gates or a pen to create boundaries (but that can be put away and out of sight when not needed).

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