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Could These Things Be Added To Your Beauty Bucket List?

When it comes to beauty, there can often be things that we might like to try and do in the future, that we just haven’t got around to. Perhaps it has been a while since you thought about it, and so maybe you are looking for some inspiration on what to do next. Beauty is such a personal thing, and it is skin deep, but there are things that you can do in this department and they can certainly give you a confidence boost. Here are some of the things that you might like to add to your beauty bucket list.

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A change in hair colour

Maybe you like the idea of experimenting with your hair colour. It can often get to the stage where you start to think about changing and deviating from your actual hair colour, or it could be that those grey hairs have started to make an appearance. Don’t worry though, a change of hair colour can often be just the boost you need. Whether you choose a multitude of shade or stick with one, heading to the hairdressers and changing your hair colour can feel like the ultimate treat, and can also be the ultimate transformation in terms of how you look.       

A piercing

Sometimes we want to do something a little different. Perhaps a step out of our comfort zone, and a piercing could be just the ticket. You may have never had your ears pierced before and see this as the ideal thing for the future, or perhaps you want to get somewhere else pierced like another part of your ear, your nose or even considering tongue piercings as an option. Piercing can actually be an expression of your personality, and can be a great thing to add to your beauty bucket list for now or for the future. Where would you get pierced?

A facial

Sometimes it can feel like the ultimate treat to indulge in a bit of pampering and a facial could be exactly that for you. As it might not be something that you do that often, it is definitely something that could be added to your beauty bucket list. There are so many different facials that you can try and each of them can do something different to your skin and the appearance of it. From encouraging that skin glow to exfoliating and cleansing, there is a facial that can suit any skin type.

Focus on the brows

Eyebrows are very on trend right now, and while back in the nineties we were all encouraged to pluck away, it is now more on trend to have a defined brow. It might be that you may want to work on this, so take some time to think about the options that suit you. From HD Brows to getting them tattooed on it could be the ideal way to give your face more definition. Some options are more pricey than others, so it may be something that you work towards for the future.

Making a change from your usual makeup routine

Makeup is one thing that many of us will indulge in each day, but that often means that people have their set routines that they stick to. They use the same products, in the same way, and never really deviate. So it might be something that you want to add to your list when it comes to makeup. It could be that you want to go to a beauty counter and purchase some new items, or maybe try a different way of doing things. There are plenty of makeup tutorials online that can help you out.

A focus on skincare

Skincare is another thing that you will indulge in each day, but the chances are that you keep to the same products and techniques and never change. So this could be a focus for you when it comes to your beauty bucket list. Perhaps again you could go to a specialist counter and discuss skincare based on your skin type or you can opt for for quality professional esthetic products. Things do change as you get older, and what might have worked for you a few years ago, may not necessarily work for you now.

Cosmetic procedures

Finally, you may want to think about cosmetic procedures and adding a few to your list. It could be that you want to have a facelift at some point, or try out Botox. Of course, each to their own, and as long as plenty of research goes into your decision and you are comfortable with it then why not do the things that you want to do?

Let’s hope that this has inspired you with some of the things that you can add to your beauty bucket list.

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