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Gingerline; A Dining Experience Unlike Any Other

I was very kindly invited to experience Gingerline in return for a review through Love Pop Ups London.  However, as always, all opinions are entirely my own.

This has to be one of the hardest posts I’ve ever sat down to write. It’s been tough for two reasons; one, that I can’t give too much away and spoil it for others as I’m sworn to secrecy and the second being, I literally just want to write ‘THE BEST EXPERIENCE IN LONDON, YOU MUST GO… NOW!’, which seems a little pointless having an entire post dedicated to just that sentence and you won’t learn anything from it.

So from that, you might have guessed that Gingerline’s ‘The Grand Expedition’ exceeded all of my expectations and I was pretty much convinced I’d been transported to Disney World and was no longer in London! We all know just how much I love Disney so you can tell just from that how impressed I was!

But, what is Gingerline and why do I Speak so Highly of it?

Cast pf Gingerline

Well, the question is more like ‘What can I actually tell you about Gingerline?!’ Gingerline is an immersive dining experience and for those of you who aren’t quite down with the kids, immersive dining is not just any old meal, it’s a meal where your sense are brought alive through the food, the surroundings and the acting going on around you. You are basically fully immersed in the dining experience.

Gingerline have been creating foodie adventures since 2010 and they are always quirky, filled with incredible food and you leave feeling so very satisfied! The name came from their first serious of supper clubs that were always hosted along the Overground in East London which is a lovely shade of ‘ginger’ on the Tube Map!

What Did We Experience?

I experienced an evening like none I’ve had before! Sure, I’ve done plenty of immersive dining experiences over the years, but none had this level of details, this level of immersive feelings or this level of food.

The excitement of not knowing the location until a few hours before gives such a fun amount of suspense and knowing there is a non-compulsory element of dressing up really added to it for me. I grabbed a pair of Novelty Steampunk Glasses to wear on my head and there were plenty of people in Flying Hats too.

We dined on a five-course meal; Mike from the usual meat eaters menu and myself from the veggie menu. We were both blown away with the food as we had no idea what to expect as nothing was given away on the website or on social media! The sharing aspect of dining made for a great laugh too! At one point I was summoned to help serve the meal for our table which could have ended terribly but luckily all were impressed with my presentation skill!

We both loved just how much the audience is involved in the whole experience too. I won’t share too much detail on this, but be fully prepared to muck in with the show.

Would We Go Back?

One hundred times, yes! We left saying we want to return to the next and were gutted we had missed out on previous events over the past few years. I really haven’t been this impressed with an immersive dining experience in London in a very long time and it’s something we love to do.

Tickets do come in between £60 and £75 which I think is really reasonable for the whole experience as you’re essentially getting a theatre show and a five-course meal, both of which are a really high standard. The set design, right down to the details of the bar and loos show the amount of work that has gone into the planning of this experience so I do think it’s worth every penny!

I can’t wait to experience the next adventure with Gingerline!


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